The situation in which we find ourselves directs us towards an efficient economic, energy and social system committed to the best use of resources. In this context, aluminum is postulated as one of the preferred raw materials, not only in the construction and architecture sector, but also in the transport industry, packaging, household goods, electrical transmission, And long etcetera. Which represents more than 600 companies in the sector, points out “that the social value of this material is increasing; a material that is at the forefront of the Circular Economy, fully committed to the objectives of sustainability and efficiency”. All this makes aluminum the best alternative for windows and home closings, compared to other materials such as plastic in a market that is increasingly aware of environmental aspects and the sustainability of construction materials and architectural solutions.


Aluminum stands out for its lightness and durability, in addition to its high resistance capacity against toxic agents, corrosion, cold or heat, and its tightness against rain and humidity. If you want to get vinyl windows in Scarborough allow savings in the short, medium and long term, thanks to these characteristics.

Aluminum manages to remain for many years without deformation or loss of color or quality, even in very demanding climatic conditions. This prevents losses due to transmission and air infiltration which, if they occur, would have a very negative effect on energy savings.


More and more architects and designers are opting for aluminum thanks, among other things, to its versatility. The multiplicity of shapes and types of profiles offers a wide aesthetic range and an infinity of finishes: numerous types of window opening (such as sliding windows, which help to make the most of space, folding, tilt-and-turn …), as well as two-color finishes and innumerable metallic ones, which allows to adapt the design to the space where it is located. Its structural resistance allows, simultaneously, the design of large-sized curtain walls and enclosures, bearing very heavy insulating glass units, something that is impossible for almost all other materials.


The aesthetic possibilities of  vinyl windows in Scarborough are not only reduced to the multiplicity in terms of the designs of the finishes. Aluminum also allows us to achieve very thin and narrow profiles for the windows, a minimalist concept that allows a larger glass surface for the same size of opening and, with it, a greater amount of natural light entering the interior spaces.


 vinyl windows in Scarborough are fully recyclable and therefore 100% sustainable; The recycling process of this material can be repeated many times, using only a minimum part of the energy (5%), without the initial qualities and properties of the same being impaired.


Safety is also one of the fundamental aspects when choosing the materials of a construction and the windows of a house. In this sense, aluminum also stands out among the various options, as it is a fire-retardant material, classified as “non-combustible”, which makes it more suitable and prepared against possible fires.