Christmas is notorious for raising a glass (as well as raising stress levels). It’s known for pulling out all the stops (also known as ridiculous unachievable expectations about what the perfect Christmas should look like). Christmas is also known for a time when family and friends come together more than any other time in the year (hazard level warning signs – there’s going to be emotion involved somewhere).

Fear not though, I have a handy guide to help you sail through this Christmas with more ease than ever before so you can be brave, speak your truth and BE YOU (without apology or a food fight being involved).

1. Plan to be flexible

Every good party needs a plan of sorts. But the most successful planners stand like a tall oak tree, solid in their foundations but able to move with the ever changing weather. So be more tree. Stand firm in your general ‘plans’ but be flexible to accommodate and compromise. You’ll never please everyone so don’t try, prioritise those you really care about, the ones that feed your soul.

2. Belief

It’s so important to the health of your mind and emotions. Believe you’re going to have a shite christmas? Yup, you’ve guessed it, you’re more likely to create a shite one. Your brain is like google, what you put in, it will find data to support. Got a tricky family? Dreading the annual christmas jumper day? Why not start looking for all the things to be grateful about those things this year? Believe you can and you’re more likely to create it.

3. Quality and transformation

Someone wise once said, ‘who you spend time with, you become’. Surround yourself with toxic friends and mood hoovering relatives and you’re on a fast track to creating a crap christmas. Give careful consideration to how much of your quality time you want to spend and with whom. Limit the hoovers and optimise the radiators. Become the person you want others to be around you.

4. Nourishment and boundaries

If we’re not taking good care of ourselves we’ll have nothing in the tank to offer to others. Learn how to nourish your self to optimise your energy, thoughts, feelings around christmas. Need down time in between the parties? Then make sure you organise it and prioritise it. Learning how to say no and manage your boundaries with those ‘pushy types’ is fundamental if you’re going to take good care of you. Practise saying no more….

5. Creativity and Connection

Our souls require fire. And the best way of connecting with the warmth of fire is to get creative and spend quality time connecting with those people who light you up.

In one way or another each of you have lit me up and I’m so grateful you’re still here reading my ponderings and staying connected with me. I’m grateful for you and your soul.

So here’s hoping my top five tips will keep you stress free this Christmas.

Much love to you and yours. I hope we’ll meet face to face in 2018

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