As a global music executive, I have seen firsthand throughout my travels to more than 60 countries how music and art can inspire us and remind us that we are all connected. Creativity is a superpower and is a strong catalyst for positive change in the world.  Fuel it – whether you are an artist, a parent, a student, entrepreneur or business leader; creativity is for everyone. 

Here are the top science-backed habits for success I use every day to stay in touch with my creativity, so I can be inspired, fulfilled and working at the top of my game:

1) Begin with Gratitude:  Gratitude changes our minds – literally. Recent neuroscience research suggests that gratitude unlocks greater happiness, lowers anxiety and stress levels, and brings better health by targeting the central nervous system. Best of all, completing simple gratitude exercises creates long-lasting effects not only for the person practicing gratitude, but for their partners, spouses and loved ones. 

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think about are all the things I am grateful for… from the seemingly small things to the larger ones. If it feels good, keep going! Other simple ways to practice gratitude is jotting down three things every day you are grateful for or make it a habit to reach out to someone and tell them you are grateful for them in your life. 

Sometimes it can be hard to find the good things in life… that is OK too. Find one thing, be it a tree, or the air you breathe, or the stars or a sunrise and simply find gratitude in that. The more you do it, the more space it will take up and you will eventually fill yourself with gratitude. 

2) Ask Empowering Questions:  Reframe your questions and how you talk to yourself. Every day, after practicing gratitude, I take time to challenge myself with questions that will inspire and guide me to positive action: “How can I be of service today” or “How can I give today?” In the action of giving to others, is where you will find your own personal mission and will help guide you on your path to a meaningful fulfilling life. Instead of focusing on “why am I not doing x” or “I’ll be happy when x happens” focus on the here and now and what you can do today. 

3) Trust Your Art:  Have no fear – People often don’t share their talent out of fear of failing, when in fact everyone has a unique set of talents and gifts inside of them. We as humans, have these reservoirs of untapped potential inside of us and can achieve extraordinary things when we are focused. Failing in life doesn’t make you a failure. Failures come with success. Learn to accept failure but not accept defeats and garner the courage to share your truth. The world needs you. 

4) Visualize Your Goals:  Take time at the end of your day to think about your goals and dreams or even a problem you are trying to resolve. See your goal in your mind. As you sleep, your mind will work through problem solving and creativity. When you wake up, your mind would have worked throughout the night to provide you with a new perspective.

5) Challenge Your Thoughts: As Socrates famously stated, “The only thing I know, is that I know nothing.” Keep learning and challenging your thoughts and the world around you being open to new people, new ways of thinking and new experiences. In these encounters, we challenge our existing ways of thinking, and expose ourselves to new perspectives that can inspire greater creativity and innovation. In my travels, I have been fortunate to encounter cultures and places that push me out of my comfort zone and allow a tremendous amount of learning that keep my thinking fresh, flexible and inspired. Seek out new experiences that will challenge you: whether through travel, learning, lectures, or even in daily conversation.