Like you, I’m constantly striving to be my best and healthiest self so I can give my best out in the world! With kids, more than one job, a dog and more laundry than I ever thought was possible – there are some steps I’ve found that make my daily efforts at wellness a little less strenuous – here’s how:

1. Food-prep: 

I’m not even talking anything major here. I make a batch of six semi-hard boiled eggs (I like them a little soft in the center) twice a week and keep them in the fridge. I pop them in a container on my way out the door and have a filling and tasty breakfast, or snack for later in the day. Also, I love smoothies – so much effort in the early am to chop and prep, but if I make enough for two servings the night before and keep them refrigerated or frozen, I’m all set for the next two days.

2. Leave 5 minutes earlier: 

I don’t live far from where my full time job is. But if I leave at 7:30 a.m. it takes me longer to get to work than if I leave a few minutes before 7:30. Even as much as 2-3 minutes before 7:30 makes a difference. Why? I pass three schools on my way downtown. There are buses, traffic, bikes and everyone else also trying to make it to work and school by 8:00 a.m. And everyone seems to leave at 7:30! If I make the effort to leave a bit earlier (or later, like after 7:45) then the commute is much smoother and I am way less stressed out.

3. One Yoga Pose a Day:

Not joking! And yes, corpse pose counts too. As a yoga teacher, I teach most days in addition to my full time job and as a result I end up missing my own practice much of the time. I’ve made a commitment to do just one pose a day and take 5-10 breaths in it. If I have time to do more, or fit in a flow or attend a class, then I do more. If I don’t that’s ok too. Your body, breath and mind will thank yuo, even for just that one pose. 

4. Do Something Loving

Ideally, for or on yourself. For example, when putting on your face oil/lotion at night, take your time. Lovingly spread it around and work it into your skin. See if there are any areas of tension that could use a little pressure from your fingertips and linger there. Sinuses full of spring allergies? Try using a neti pot or other nasal salt device to clear things out. I then find that using a nasal oil (one drop in each nostril) to be very helpful in keeping my sinus area clear and lubricated and me breathing comfortably and noticeably clearer skin.

5. Think Good Thoughts: 

I know, you’ve heard this before. But really, try and catch yourself in the act. I do all the time! I’m waaaay harder on myself than anyone else is. The next time you berate yourself for forgetting to do something, eating something “bad” or whatever else your sneaky-sabotaging-self tries to bring up, see if you can stop it in its tracks. You’ll thank yourself later.


  • Megan Morgan

    Northern California Writer, Yoga Teacher, Embodied Feminine Wisdom Leader and Photographer

    Megan Morgan completed her Masters of Fine Art in 2012 at the San Francisco Art Institute and her 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Training in Toronto, Canada in 2013. Megan studied Journalism at Carleton University previously and published her first book, The End of Me in 2019.  She actively works to guide and support women in particular, in ongoing life discovery and recovery processes through being an active yoga teacher, artist, writer and volunteer personally and in the organization she co-founded, Sacred Sister Sacramento.