Recently I’ve found myself becoming more and more busy. This means that I have less time to think about things in the morning, and at times it can be a rush to get ready and out the door.

Between the school run, the gym, freelance work, blogging and fitting in socialisation it can be difficult to strike the perfect balance. This can cause all kinds of tension, stress and mental issues that I’d rather not have creeping in at the moment.

Of course, these are no cure for mental illness or disorders, I have anxiety so know all too well the pressures of living with an illness.

I have however, made a few lifestyle changes to make it easier for me to look after my mental health and wellness on a daily basis. Also making sure to look after myself and my body rather then just focusing all my energy on everything else.

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Swap dairy for soya.
  3. Eat breakfast every day. 
  4. Wake up a little earlier to allow reflection time. 
  5. Avoid sugar before lunch time. 

I know that these things aren’t exactly rocket science. I have found that I’m feeling more alert if I ditch the fizzy for water. I’ve got so many sports water bottles now that I can use these to make sure I hydrate properly.

I’ve started swapping my usual coffee drink for tea with soya milk. It helps me to avoid bloating which can lead to being incredibly uncomfortable. Mine tends to stick with me all day too. So that can be a right pain.

Eating breakfast is something I highly recommend on my own blog. When I worked in an office job I NEVER ate breakfast and always ended up loitering around the vending machine at ten thirty.

These days I am a happy morning eater, most of the time and try to eat something good at the start of the day. Even if I’m at a push I’ll at least grab some cereal or one of these on the go breakfasts you can get now.

Another trick I’ve started is setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier, this allows me to wake up relaxed knowing I can take my time getting out of bed. It also give me that much needed screen time that we all tend to have first thing these days.

Plus, it gives me more time to sit and enjoy that morning cup of tea as I set my alarm to before the rest of the house wakes. It’s lovely and peaceful, unless you count the dogs snoring.

One thing that I am a sucker for is sugar. I am a total addict and I’m really trying to get that under control at the present. I used to skip breakfast and go straight for the sugary treats, the cereal bars, the chocolate, pastries anything that was bad for me in large amounts.

This meant that by lunch time I was having a sugar crash and I would be tired, grumpy, have a headache and really not enjoy my afternoons.

I found that eating proper food in the morning, holding out until lunch and then having a treat was much better for me in terms of feeling good, awake, and comfortable.

What are your go to tricks for feeling better each day?

Emma Allen

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