Nick’s story is interesting and you probably know it by now. But what impressed me most are five lessons I learned as I watched him celebrate amidst millions of shreds of confetti.

1. Never give up

Foles is no quitter. But he’s been through a lot and just last year he took to the mountains with his brother on a fly fishing trip where he contemplated giving up on football. He decided to stay the course. Today, he’s glad he didn’t give up on his dream.

The most common success story in the world goes something like this: you work hard. You fail. You pick yourself up and work hard again. You fail again. Rinse and repeat, over and over until you’re depleted of any will power to go on. And just before you throw in the towel, something happens. The tide takes a turn in your favor. A year later you’re living your dream and all you can think is, “I’m glad I didn’t give up.”

2. Be ready for your turn

It’s failure and struggle that strengthen us and prepare us for the glorious victory. Without years of training, struggling, failing and picking himself back up time and time again, Foles would not have been prepared for “his turn.”

If this sounds like your life right now, know that it’s part of the process. You’re right on track. Just hang on and keep going because great things are in store. Stay in the game and focus on being ready to strike when the opportunity finally presents itself.

3. Stick to your core values

When faced with the critical decision of continuing his football career or another path, Foles said, “It took a lot more faith to go back and play than if it would have gone the other direction. Either way, I would’ve been fine. I know I would’ve trusted in God.” He puts God and family first in his life. And his team a close third.

In life, family or business, you have a core. One of the most important habits you can develop is your commitment to live your core values every day. Be unashamedly you. And don’t worry if it’s not popular. What people want is authenticity. Employees, co-workers and clients alike are tired of smokescreen and mirrors.

4. Have faith in the outcome

Imagine being a second string quarterback on a team that wasn’t even supposed to be at the Super Bowl LII. You’re going up against Tom Brady, a seasoned quarterback who has a ring for every finger. Brady would throw for more yards than anyone in the NFL history yet Foles wasn’t nervous. He showed unwavering faith and courage against insurmountable odds.

Develop a vision of where you’re going and never abandon it. Put it in front of you and remind yourself every day why it’s important. It’s much too easy to forget along the way.

5. Give credit to the team

After the historic win, Foles revealed his source of courage by giving the credit to his team and coaches. It was because of them that he had the confidence to do his part. No ego, just a genuine team player.

You can accomplish miracles when you don’t care who gets the credit. What a fantastic mindset. Give others credit and you build them up. The natural result is they want to work harder for you. That’s what I call a win-win.

Yesterday’s game was a huge victory. I’m not just talking about the football game. In a world of scandals, slippery leaders and untrustworthy sources, there’s never been a better time to be a “good guy.”