Experiment with Different Breastfeeding Positions

First thing first, you need to experiment with different breastfeeding positions. And the overall goal of yours should be to make your baby suck the nipple. And rest of the job will be done by your baby.

However, to accomplish the goal, you need to keep trying different positions and find the right one that fits for the job.

However, cross cradle happens to be one of the best positions for newborn babies. The cross cradle position offers a lot of support to the baby, and the breastfeeding process becomes quite easy.

You also need to keep your hand on your baby’s neck and guide him to the nipple, and once your baby finds the nipple in his or her mouth, your baby will do the further job.

You can also try out sideline position. In this position, you will need to lie down the to bed and keep your baby next to your body. Or you can keep your baby body on top of yours while you are lying back. Even to get a perfect posture, some mamas use a Breastfeeding Chair, so you may also think about that.

Know that newborn babies need a lot of milk

As a mom, you might get irritated after a couple of days that your baby is always hungry. And to be honest, this is quite natural. Newborn babies are hungry now and then, so you must be ready to feed your baby once in a while.

Also, on the other hand, you do not have to worry about running out of milk at all. In fact, the more your baby drinks milk the more your body will produce milk. Even during the whole process, it will allow your body to learn about the amount of milk your baby needs and then it will start preparing your body.

Also, during the whole time do not forget to pay attention to yourself as well. If you are not healthy you baby won’t be healthy either. So eat good and make your baby as healthy as possible.

Plus, during the whole process make sure to be patient enough, and fulfill your baby’s milk requirements. As they have a tiny stomach so you need to refuel it again and again.

Learn to deal with Cluster Feedings

Cluster feeding is referred to that time when your baby would demand a lot of short feeds multiple times during an hour, or in every few hours. And this is pretty normal.

 This mainly happens during the early days of breastfeeding. And it is normal behavior for all the babies out there. Also, do remember the fact that cluster feeding can make you physically and emotionally drained.

 And many women have said that they feel exhausted. And you should be prepared about that mentally. However, the other way it will also drain your milk supply sooner than you think.

So make sure to deal with that too. However, the good part is that cluster feeding will only last for a week or two. Or in some cases more than you expect. But once the cluster feeding process ends, you will find that your body is producing more milk than ever.

However, in order to deal with cluster feeding, you can relax as much as you can. And feed your baby whenever he or she demands.

Drink As Much As You Can

You should also drink as much as you can and as often as you can. Producing milk needs a lot of water until your body stats realizing what is happening and how to get prepared for it. And until that make sure to drink a lot of water. Make sure to keep a filled water bottle alongside you and drink a little amount of water after every while.

Also, you should also let your partner know that you are going to need water during the late nights. So make sure he wakes up, and full fills your requirement. Although, that would not be necessary if you keep a filled water bottle alongside you. But it would be a good idea to let your partner know about it. So he won’t get surprised in the middle of the night.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the end, don’t forget to remember the mantra “Practice makes perfect” the more you practice, the better you get. Also, you should know that it will take time for you to understand everything and figure out the technique by yourself. So do not get emotional, if you are doing it in the wrong way.

There will be a lot of people out there who would tell you breastfeeding is a fantastic feeling and the most natural thing. But while you start, the whole process would not be an easy one. You have to go through breast pain and other issues.

Hence it would be a good idea to invest some time to practice and give your baby the time to figure out how to latch and how to hold. And sooner you will find that everything is going smoother than you have imagined.