Five Things That Help You Define Your Own Internal Groove

Some of the most powerful life lessons are the ones that lead us to discover our own self worth.

These lessons serve to remind us that we deserve things like financial freedom and fulfillment. They may not always be fun or pleasant, but if we are willing to see the gift in them, the most challenging life lessons can help us to discover our personal power and build the kind of life and career we desire and deserve.

Creating a life or career that brings freedom and satisfaction is what I call finding your internal groove.

There are five integral components or pillars to finding your own internal groove. Each one is defined as a facet of personal freedom:

  • Time freedom is when you have the freedom to make room in your schedule for things that are important to you.
  • Creative freedom comes when you are able to express yourself creatively in whatever way you choose.
  • Financial freedom allows you to spend money in ways that bring you fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • Freedom to be who you truly are is about living your life with a sense of purpose; expressing your truth.
  • Freedom to make your own choices affords you the opportunity to make decisions based on your own code of ethics.

When you are able to create a life and career that bring you these five types of freedom, you have truly gained a sense of personal power. You have arrived!

As a career coach, I have created these pillars for myself by helping others create them in their own lives and careers.

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