Laughter is the best medicine. Most of us have heard this adage, but only a few put to test its veracity on a daily basis. Though we have plenty of reasons to do so as there is a direct line between laughter and mood elevation, pain and stress reduction, and better experiencing of pleasure.

What’s more, there are studies out there which show that we’re more attracted to people who have a good sense of humor. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as when we laugh on others’ jokes or make them smile on ours, a personal connection builds between them and us.

Here are five tips and tricks to include more laughter in your daily routine:

#1: Recall your most embarrassing gaffes

When we recall the embarrassing moments from our past, and sprinkle them with a good dose of humor, our self-deprecating attitude will open ourselves more to the funny side of life. Sure, you might have to add some dramatization or exaggeration to turn that embarrassing moment into a funny one, but that’s the forte of all good storytellers.

#2: Get a book of funnies

Provided you have a habit of reading, grab yourself a book of jokes. Make sure that the book has earned rave reviews from its past readers. Once you’ve such a book in your drawer, having a peek at it in your free time can give you another reason to smile. Though a burst of laughter might only come once you’ve gone through multiple pages.

#3: Watch a scene from your favorite comedy movie

There are lots of comedy movies out there, but everyone has at least one film which really appeals to their particular sense of humor. After taking a walk by the portable photo booth during your work’s lunchtime, you might want to go through your favorite scenes on YouTube so that, by the time you’re about to get back to work, your mind is fully refreshed.

#4: Befriend a lively person

As I can tell by looking at the photos captured by the photo booth for rent which I took with me on my previous vacation, some of my friends are naturally witty. They have a way with words that turns the most serious of moments into lighter ones. Such people are gems. If you’ve one in your office, befriend them and see the frequency of your smiles increase almost instantly.

#5: Spend time with children

Children, thanks to their natural sense of being, are capable of doing such incredulous things that can force a smile on the mouth of the most serious of persons. Their ability to laugh away everything and anything, though not practicable in daily life, can lighten our mood when we’re in their company.