One of the first things we learn as children and later try to teach our own children is gratitude. Being grateful not only means having good manners, but it also requires having a positive attitude towards others. Who does not like to be thanked for something they have done? Sadly, over the years and with the responsibilities we have as adults, it is impossible for us to take the time to thank all the people around us who have made a difference in our lives like landscaping Toronto. Or we may not have the time to thank God for the blessings He gives us. However, it is never too late to develop this great quality that will bring more peace and satisfaction to our lives, it will also help us to enrich the lives of other people and strengthen our bonds of love and friendship with others. It is for this reason and precisely in this time of thanksgiving that gratitude comes to mind as a goal to develop and here I present 5 tips to develop gratitude in our lives:

1. Count our blessings:

Making a list of all the things we are grateful for and having it in front of the mirror or in some visible place is a way to remember how much we have been given and how much we have. Also, acknowledging all the things we are thankful for shows our level of maturity as people.

2. Give thanks to others: 

Being attentive to thank the little details that make our lives easier and thanking immediately makes us feel satisfied, it also makes us connect more with other people, not to mention that we would make our day the person who served us. I always tell children that one way to thank me for the food that I prepare is to eat it, once I show them how much it means to me that they eat it since it took me time and effort to prepare it, they do their best to finish it for you and I make sure to thank you before you leave the table.

3. Praying:

One of the things I am grateful for is having the habit of prayer, which allows me to give thanks for the good and not so good things that happen to me during the day. As a mom, knowing that children are incorporating this habit into their lives makes me feel satisfied. Sometimes their bedtime prayers are so long because of the long list of things they mention, but ultimately, they are worth listening to.

4. Gratitude Walks: 

Another way to develop gratitude is to go for a walk and look at our world around or get away from distractions to really count all the things we are grateful for. My husband usually does this with the children, when he has time, he goes for a walk with them and starts asking them: what are you grateful for? The list is generally endless, but many times as adults we forget to see life as our children see it, and this allows us to rediscover things for which we should be grateful.

5. Write thank you cards: 

Although technology is a great tool without which we could not survive, one of the things it has stolen from us is the time to sit down and write in our own handwriting a thank you card or note to these people important in our lives.