Traits of a progressive man

I wonder how few people can stand still in hard times. Is there any trait of being a progressive human? Or some unique men & women are made up of the same metal used as the core of our earth. Anyway, in both cases, the learnings are the same.

Anybody can live a healthy & happy life if they observe and follow any progressive man’s thriving culture around them. I’m here with such one story, close to my heart, and from which I derived five traits to learn from.

I see a significant section of humans are collapsing with the hardship of time. They are breaking down emotionally & physically due to various known & unknown factors. But then comes a different section of humans – those with an ability to survive in hard times. These men and women are some reliable people made up of the same flesh & blood, as you and me. But how are they different? Let’s find out with my friend’s story – a swiss inventor and a real hustler, Leonardo.

He’s a common man, with some dreams, an average family, and a life to live. But I noticed and learned five particular traits from him that allowed him to stand firm in bad times. These traits have helped him mold all the strange events into an opportunity and develop a never give up attitude.

He’s the man of the 21st century with a futuristic vision and the 20th century’s emotions with a noble and honest heart. A rare combination we might learn something from.

Never fear uncertainty –

Most of us have a tendency to die several times before death actually knocks on our doors. It’s crazy but true. The heart pumps harder with the fear of uncertainty, but this man, the swiss inventor, has something rare to teach us.

In 2017, he launched one of his wonderful creation – the 3D POVLAMP, a one of it’s kind. He was very confident about the success of crowdfunding conducted on the “Kickstarter” platform. POVLAMP even gets the honor to be in the category of their loved projects. But the community doesn’t show up, and it become a failed event. This was Leo’s five years of hardwork. What will he do next?

Sailor never fear uncertainty

Well, in this case, many of us may leave to follow their dreams. And most of us may move to a more comfortable life. And almost every one of us drops the desire to live their dreams after a hard-punched failure. But our friend Leo is different with a unique trait of being fearless.

He may fear the uncertainty but never die in the mid-term of the process. He is still following his dreams, and after eight years of his passion-filled work, he’s going to launch the latest version of his 3D lamp with a semi-holographic screen. He’s standing firm and gives us a message to never fear uncertainty and follow our dreams fearlessly.

Be the most honest man even in the bad times –

The days and nights will try to wallop you, and the world still tests your integrity at every possible state.

And after a series of devastating and soul-tearing events, when you finally came near to the fruit of your hardwork – destiny will again test your honesty to prove your eligibilty.

I’ve seen Leo working in hard ways & yet he never loses his integrity. He never chose to use any duplicate part yet if he can do it quickly. Leo never followed the cheaper process to test the silent motors in POVLAMP. He has put in years of work and tons of hard-earned money, yet the failures and hard times never break his soul to cheat anyone.

It’s a lesson very close to my heart & I pledged to apply it until my last breath.

Anyways, here’s something more important to handle any situation calmly. What’s that?

Wait with patience & Act with perseverance –

How do you deal with frustrations? I don’t know about you, but I may give up some time

& the other times I saw people screaming to die. But at the same time, I saw Leo dealing with frustration with patience.

In the whole lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic, our young inventor was working for bread in the day & hustling for his dream at night. And when all this hustle is coming to a great end – he found the PCB circuit for the POVLAMP is not working as planned. The Chinese vendor may use something unreliable, and the system of POVLAMP was not working correctly. Everything was at stake, and he’s about to lose hope.

The years of hardwork are going to fall. After lots of sacrifices, Leo came near his dream, and he found the PCB was no right. But destiny always tests our metal. Anybody can collapse at this stage of time, but not the man with dreams in his eyes.

The strong man stands up again and works to make the dreams their reality. He did the same, he’s unstoppable as ever, and now he’s able to run the whole circuit of POVLAMP.

What do we learn this time?

Everybody & everything will try to strike you, but you must wait with patience and act with perseverance.

Embrace the change –

The rigid and the most brittle metal breaks first, under pressure. And those who do not praise the change always suffer from the change of time. Everything new is havoc for these people.

But few who always embrace a new perspective prosper with the grace of change. They remain happy and content every time and situation.

One such incident with Leo has happened between his older Kickstarter launch in 2017 and the upcoming Kickstarter launch in 2020. In the present day, it is entirely different from what was in 2017. Now it required a whole new approach, and Leo understands it very well; he praises the change of time. He always admires the opinions of his friends and advisors. What it leads to?

Vision that embrace the change

It leads to a new 3D semi-holographic POVLAMP – a 21st-century lamp. It not only light up space but also provides entertainment and an opportunity for a contactless advertisement for retailers in a very unique way.

He didn’t stick to the older version of POVLAMP. So, he improved & improvised it into a brand new model—a 3D lamp for the future.

It’s one of the most essential traits of a progressive person – embrace the change & adapt it for something greater.

Family is all we need to love, live & desire –

You & I, we all need a reason to live. And there is nothing better than having a supporting family. It gives us the courage to deal with hard things. Family makes us strong.

It helps us to imagine a happy life. There is no other better motivation than having a family that loves you unconditionally.

The same happens with Leo; he got married to the love of his life. (They were in a relationship for the last ten years.) Now the couple has a beautiful daughter. Leo loves his family immensely, which always keeps him in an active & happy mode.


He never gives up over the odds because of the inspiration he got from his family. He always gives his best without procrastination to see her the face of her loving daughter and make her life happier.

This is the power of a family & the supreme trait of a happy progressive person.

Conclusion –

Before concluding, I want to thanks Leo for allowing me to write about him in my words. He’s working really hard to make his POVLAMP project live on Kickstarter in the upcoming days. What a remarkable story! Isn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed & learn something out of it. Always remember and try to adopt some of these five traits of a progressive human –

Never fear uncertainty

Be the most honest man of integrity.

Wait with patience & act with perseverance.

Embrace the change

Family is all we need to love, live & desire

I wish you stand strong in every situation, and be the best version of yourself.