Don’t have the revenue and success you want? Here’s why.

Quantum mechanics tells us that every second of every day, our body sends energetic messages into the universe, drawing people and experiences to us.

Your marketing and sales materials say “we’re great,” but at your core, you don’t quite believe it, causing negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be energetically “packaged” in the positive words you use.

Scientifically, we know that energy radiates out and is felt by others. When your marketing says one thing, but your energy says another, your prospects and clients feel the disconnect. They maybe aren’t aware of what the problem is, but they know there is one. They don’t trust you. No trust, no sale. Period.

What Your Negative Energy Is Costing You

There are 5 vital elements of creating:

1. Core beliefs are deeply held, often unconscious beliefs that direct our lives. Typically, they come from family, school, church and our community.  Limiting core beliefs, which affect most people, include some version of “I’m not good enough.” When core beliefs conflict with thoughts or desires, they win every time.

2. Feelings, connected to core beliefs, are the uncomfortable sensations you feel in your body. When you have core beliefs that are opposed to what you want or think, you feel it in your gut or heart. Fear is a negative feeling, and passion is a positive oneStrong feelings and emotions are fuel on the fire of creativity, strengthening and speeding up delivery of the creation.

3. Thoughts are the ideas and conversations you have in your head. They can be positive or negative.

4. Emotions, attached to thoughts, differ from feelings. They are in your head, not in your body. Remember a time someone upset you. Did you run the conversation over and over in your head, reliving the anger and frustration? Emotions, residing in your head, draw experiences to you. They are the reason thoughts become “things.”

5. The converging of all four: The critical point of creation is where core beliefs, feelings, thoughts and emotions converge. For manifesting or creating to occur, all four must point in the same direction.

Beliefs Trump Thoughts

Have you ever stopped to think when someone says “Your thoughts create your reality” or “Your thoughts become things?” Do they mean that if you think about ice cream, it will magically appear in your hand? Or if you think about a car wreck, you’ll immediately crash? Of course not!

Both thoughts and words have energy that radiates out from you and attaches to experiences, people and things. Your thoughts, words and especially your beliefs dramatically affect your life and your business. What you begin to feel activates magnetic energy. Those waves radiate out and, like a magnet, draw similar experiences into your life.

If you think “I want to close 50 deals this month!” and you’re excited about it, the thought of those wins is extremely joyful. They should come easily, right?

But what if when you were a child, you had experiences that made you believe that you were incapable of amounting to something great. Or that you weren’t good enough or didn’t have the means. In your head, you know that that is just plain wrong, but on some level, in your gut, you might just believe it. Or perhaps you’re afraid it might — possibly — be true.

That is how core beliefs take over and create your reality and why it’s important to completely eradicate them. Your point of power is in the now. You can only create in the now. But when a past, negative experience or belief triggers a future fear, you bring it into your now. It becomes your point of creation.

This is how our thoughts and words create reality.

So, What’s The Answer?

  1. As you go through your day, notice unwanted beliefs and thoughts, especially those attached to strong feelings and emotions.
  2. Ask that the thought or belief be changed to a positive one.
  3. Ask that evidence of the new thought or belief is shown to you.
  4. Allow yourself to receive evidence of the new thought/belief.
  5. Think and speak only of the experience of the new thought/belief.
  6. Keep allowing evidence of the new thought/belief to come to you until the new, desired thought/belief completely takes the place of the unwanted one.

Refocus on what you want and flood your body with the joy of it. As you energetically connect to the evidence of success, your beliefs naturally begin to change. As beliefs morph into those of financial success, those around scarcity diminish, energetically connecting with more evidence of prosperity.

Remember that feelings and emotions are “fuel” for the creative fire. Set aside time a minimum of once every day to focus exclusively on noticing the evidence of the positive things in your life. Really dive in and feel the joy of them!

Original Publication Forbes