Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

No one can deny that COVID-19 has changed our approach towards the importance of health and wellness. We no more require a constant routine or motivation to hit the yoga mat. For almost a year, we realized how important our immune system is to keep us safe from the risk of getting infected. Even in the post COVID era, these habits should safeguard us from any upcoming health-related evil. 

Five Basic Ways in Which COVID-19 Impacted Our Wellness Routine as Emphasized by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach:

1. The importance of Hygiene –

This is one of the clear and genuine effects of COVID-19 that we all have noticed; the habit of staying hygienic throughout the day. The awareness regarding the necessity of constantly washing our hands to avoid any germs or bacteria from entering our body is a very positive effect of COVID-19 in our lives. 

2. Rise in our Empathy quotient-

The quote- “We are all in this together” made us feel responsible for each other. The rule of quarantining yourself so that you don’t affect any other person signified our social responsibility. The world witnessed the feeling and act of empathy more than ever before. Many people came forward to help the distressed patients in many ways, like arranging life-saving types of equipment or serving food to the needy. This is a beautiful change and must be cherished even after the end of this pandemic.

3. Awareness towards Mental Wellness-

Mental Health issues are one of the worst impacts of this virus. The obligation to stay away from your loved ones, especially when your body is in constant pain, made the fight against this pandemic more difficult. Realizing this, a lot of people started practicing meditation as an escape. People prioritized their mental health over pity issues. According to Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach, this is an excellent trait to adopt to live your life peacefully.

4. Healthy Eating Habits-

According to a recent survey, the world noticed a constant decline in fast food market growth. A big reason is the restrictions caused due to lockdown and the emphasis on choosing homemade and healthy food over outside stuff. Not only this, there has been a rise in demand for fruits and green vegetables. This is a good sign considering people are finally acknowledging the role of these life-saving eatables. But it will only prove fruitful if people continue following these habits even after this pandemic ends to maintain the strength of your immune system. 

5. Boost to the AI sector-

For some time, AI has been in existence, but it has never been so widely popular till COVID knocked our doors down and disrupted our conventional way of workforce management. Switching to the online arena became the need of the hour which ultimately gave a beneficial boost to the AI industry. The demands regarding advancement in technology are growing faster than ever now. This is going to make the upcoming future digitalized to a very great extent.


Every dark cloud has some silver lining, and so does the present situation. The ways listed above are very genuine and beneficial if adopted in the post COVID era too.