Whether you’re a business owner or an employee – it’s no longer the place InMail goes to die

LinkedIn has changed since it launched in 2002, and when it’s used correctly, can literally change the quality of your life through your connections and your business.

Now, you might be thinking that LinkedIn is old news…

It’s possible the platform got you excited when it first launched, and then slowly you gave up on making any progress.

Maybe you only login to check your messages or update your profile when your business or career made a shift.

And if you’ve never used it at all – that’s even better – because LinkedIn’s nothing like it used to be and now is the time to get it working in your favor.

Here are the 5 reasons LinkedIn will Improve your life:

1. No more stiff corporate energy.

Today, LinkedIn has the perfect blend of professionalism and community thanks to the influx in users that aren’t just HR recruiters and the people looking for work. There are amazing business owners engaged in thought leadership conversation, small business owners, online entrepreneurs, people looking for work and those who are recruiting. Need clients, your first employee, or just a new friend in your industry? LinkedIn is the place to go.

2. Find helpful + fun local events.

Use LinkedIn to get local! Search for what’s going on in your area that would be useful to you and your business or career. This is especially great if you’re an online business owner and looking to combat some of the loneliness of solopreneurship, or new in your industry and field and want to make friends. Get on, search, connect with people in real life and build a great network with the help of LinkedIn!

3. Discover thriving communities.

Whatever your interest or industry, there’s a LinkedIn group filled with people you can help, or who can support you in some way. Now, it’s true that LinkedIn groups are still figuring out how to stay super-engaged (don’t expect daily Facebook-like involvement) – but if you make an effort, and share your genuine self, people are excited to connect! And since you know people are here for work, there is a feeling of safety that helps alleviate defenses.  

4. Don’t break the bank running Ads.

LinkedIn is literally open for business. If you want to get in conversation with your ideal clients, you can get your message in front of the right people cheaply (in comparison to Facebook or Instagram).

Don’t want to spend at all? You don’t have to. People reply to the RIGHT messages – so many wonderful relationships have been built on LinkedIn. If you share in the right way – your LinkedIn connections will change your life.

5. It’s FUN! (And you don’t have to hear what someone ate for lunch).

There’s a TON of energy on LinkedIn, which makes your engagement on it feel fun and exciting! It can be a part of your day you look forward to, instead of other draining social media. Again, the automatic filter of “we are here for work but we’re also real people with real lives!” is one of the best features of the platform that other outlets don’t have.

Ready to try it out (or give it another chance?)

Know your goal for how LinkedIn can benefit you – and log in at least 5 minutes every day to take an action towards that.

Be yourself, share your story, and use the LinkedIn platform to your advantage with these 5 guiding ideas in mind.