Keeping fit and healthy are some of the long term positive effects associated with engaging in various sports activities.  In addition, enhancing social skills is also another major effect of sports and of course not forgetting the money aspect that is involved in the sports industry. These and many others including potential risks of injury and eating disorders are ways in which sports affect our lives, both positively and negatively as we’ll find detailed information below.

Keeping fit and healthy

It is possible to attain the suggested activity levels if you engage in the sports you love playing. Medical reports and articles claimed that people who play sports are likely to be affected by obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other poor health-related issues. Observations from other people said that playing sports leads to the growth of strong bones, bigger muscles and better tissue connection in kids. Furthermore, children who actively play sports are less likely to be affected by drugs and they also remain physically active.

Lasting Social relations

It is unlikely that people will lack to know each other when playing sports. In addition, it is also likely that the bond created during sports will last even after youthful sporting days are gone. Sports offer people of all age groups a chance for interacting socially. Some of the benefits associated with social interactions include reduced stress levels among adults that other physical activities don’t offer according to studies and reports in health and sports.

Economic empowerment

Sports are a highly lucrative business for those at professional levels. It is a billion-dollar business. Most players are making a fortune out of sports and this not only benefits the player as an individual but also spurs economic growth.

Possible drawbacks

There are high chances of getting injured during sports. This is one of the major disadvantages of getting involved in sports. Sports intensity varies from one game to the other. There are some sports where the chances of getting injured are high. Injuries sustained in the field may be so severe that they make players end up in emergency rooms or even cause permanent physical disorders. This negatively affects the affected individual and makes him/her dependent on others for help in their lifetime.

Apart from physical injuries, the other form of physical disorder arises from eating habits. This is highly prevalent among the gymnasts.

High Scholarship and Career Potential

This is a major way in which sports changes someone’s life. Regardless of whether you are a professional in sports or not, it is easy to land a nice career. Provided you have some basic training in sports, you can easily become a sports official or even a coach. Sports can also lead to the creation of other jobs like being part of the sports media should you have some experience. Sports including tournaments like Super Bowl are attractive and you can easily catch the hearts of game enthusiasts out there through nice playing. This can lead to getting special privileges like full scholarships for those who are still in school. These sponsorships could be from organizations or even individuals.