People say that creativity is a trait that you’re born with, but I see it differently; it’s a characteristic that can be honed through habit. A simple rewiring of your brain, with persistence and practice, can make the most of your inherent ability to produce original ideas.

According to research at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, big ideas will be hard to come by as time passes. But, if we look through biological blinkers, our brain is a muscle, the more we flex it, the more it will naturally innovate. The best way to boost your creative energy is to pick your preferred creative pursuits and do them every now and then.

Rewiring your brain can get a bit tricky, but with these 5 life-changing practices, you can re-fill your creative juice in no time.

Change your location to ignite creativity

Try to experiment with different workspaces, according to Inc, the brain works differently when at different locations, at a dedicated workspace, your thought process concentrates on focused tasks, while at collaborations, your creativity is at the peak, so try to find the right mix to get your creativity going.

You can also set your workspace in a way that boosts creativity. This will be primarily based on your preferences, just make sure you have a dedicated space where you can tweak around and create an environment that invites creativity.

Observation brings in innovation

Out of everything we create, it reflects the way we see the world. According to a report by CNN, Observation paves the way for innovation because when we observe our environment and surroundings, it fuels our creative process.

By working on your observation skills, you can tap into your creative energy and discover minor details you hadn’t before. By observing things in a mindful manner, you’ll build a stockpile of experiences which will bring in fresh ideas to the table every time you sit to think.

Start flexing

You may find this hard to believe, but working out can really help in getting those creative juice flowing. If you have the same old lifestyle, then it is highly likely you’ll unintentionally restrict yourself to one set of thought patterns which eventually ceases the creative process.

According to a study issued in the NIH, it showed that the most effective way to fight things like fatigue and mental fog is to work out! Physical activity doesn’t only keep you in shape; it also improves the affective experience, which enhances cognitive processing.

Take a stroll

Out of all the ways to kick start your creative process, taking a stroll is by far the easiest. According to research by Stanford, walking increases creative inspiration. Great innovators of the 21st century like Steve Jobs, was known for his walking meetings.

So how can a walk boost creativity? Well, just by getting up and going for a walk will improve how your brain functions. Walking also benefits creative brainstorming along with unconventional thinking. So, the next time you run out of fresh ideas, just head out for a walk.

Let your mind wander

Yes, you heard me right. According to research published in sage journals, when you let your mind wander, it helps facilitate the creative process. When our mind wanders, it goes through all the emotions, memories and random bits of stored knowledge. Letting your mind loose will allow it to ponder on possibilities you’ve thought of before.

Daydreaming is considered as an unproductive activity, but focused daydreaming will enable you to explore and research the issue you’re planning to solve. Our mind is constantly overflowing with a million thought-processes. Therefore, “switching it off” and letting your subconscious roam free can bring new prospects to light.


There comes a time in every creative’s life when they run out of fresh ideas, this is when they are at their lowest, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about as this temporary mental block can be easily removed by incorporating these 5 practices that will enhance your creative energy.