Pets suffer from anxiety and stress just like humans do. There are some obvious signs of anxiety like your dog running around the house frantically after a loud bolt of thunder, but there are also signs that are less obvious like the tucking of a tail, yawning, and lifting a front paw.

No one wants their pet to suffer, so luckily there are multiple ways to help your pet calm down and relax. Coincidentally, many of the ways are similar to dealing with human stress. Below are five easy ways to soothe your furry friend.

  1. Play music

Jam with your pup to some classical music. Say hello to Beethoven and bye to barking. Reggae, soft rock, and classical music has been proven to reduce stress in dogs.

  1. Consider a weighted dog vest

Skin contact from a weighted vest can release oxytocin, which has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure. The vest may look funny, but who wouldn’t love to feel like they’re getting a big hug all the time?

  1. Co-sleep with your pet

Pets love their snuggle time too. Cuddling up to your warm human body could be just what they need – easy fix. There are a variety of options for still getting you best sleep and for your preferred sleeping position.

  1. Give your pup a massage

It’s all about the lovin’. The physical touch of petting your dog is known to ease anxiety as well. Simply petting your dog calms nerves during stressful situations.

  1. Consult a trainer

If these tips still don’t help your pup, it’s important to find the proper treatment to help. Consulting a board certified trainer is crucial. This way your fur baby can have some 1:1 TLC to pinpoint the exact cause of the anxiety. Trainers can have that tail wagging again in no time!