Here’s a thought-provoking question for a Friday: ARE YOU CONTENT?

Is your day mostly composed of moments where you feel at peace?

I find that contentment is a terribly undervalued outcome in business. We’re taught to focus on accomplishment-based outcomes like productivity and satisfaction, which are important of course. Yet ultimately, being content is what we all want the most. 

I define “contentment” as simply a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in the moment. In love-centered Amare companies, contentment matters a lot. It is part of a corporate mindset that values “being” as much as “doing.” That means skilling up in mindfulness, presence, and authenticity. You get to be you. 

When evaluating how content you are, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you generally content in life?
  • Will you make contentment a priority in your work?
  • Are you willing to set contentment as a core value?

If you are lacking in contentment or simply wish to cultivate more of it, check out these ideas for finding more contentment in business and in life.

Five Amare Ways to Find More Contentment

1. Inventory contentment: Take five minutes now and list ten things  that bring you contentment. Think, for example, of nature, togetherness, quiet time, music, and art. Do you give yourself enough of these things?

2. Look out the window. Right now, take sixty seconds – literally – and simply notice with no judgment, all the sights and sounds. Just breathe and be aware. You just gifted yourself a moment of contentment. 

3. Lead with contentment. As a leader, demonstrate it’s desirable and acceptable to just “be” at times, without doing. Do this by sitting quietly and smiling, going for a meditative stroll, and starting meetings with a moment of silence. 

4. Start a contentment conversation. Share this post to introduce the idea with someone else, like an employee or colleague. Then in a discussion, let others know what brings you contentment in and outside of work. Sharing deeper parts of you goes beyond your role to your soul. 

5. Revisit corporate aims. Assess how many of your business objectives are about accomplishments. Consider adding contentment – which can be subjectively measured and tracked – to what you value and reward.  

Today’s Amare Wave Wednesday Quote

Contentment is just being complete in the moment.

 ―Ram Dass, in Polishing the Mirror



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