While writing is a powerful tool, it is an individual activity. Human beings THRIVE in group environments. A writing practice is a wellness program using daily writing, critical thinking, group-based interactivity and live coaching. Think of it as a journaling program with accountability combined with a mastermind group. With an increased focus on self-care, the most innovative companies are incorporating writing as a vehicle to improve employee wellness.

Here are Five Ways Your Employees Will Benefit from a Writing Practice:

1. Spark Creativity. Generally speaking, most people don’t think of themselves as creative because they believe that is a label reserved only for artists. Writing allows us to explore our imagination before our brain gets in the way.

2. Manage Stress and Uncertainty. Writing without expectation provides an example of releasing control of something that can’t be controlled. By not worrying about the outcome and focusing on the simple action of moving the pencil from left to right, we become better stewards of our own energy. 

3. Process Big Questions. We are so busy with work, family, and activities that we rarely have time to consider some of life’s biggest questions. If we do, we end up multitasking our way through it all. Writing creates space and time to think on paper. 

4. Build Confidence Through Self-Awareness. Writing gives us the opportunity to access those “aha moments” that over time feed a larger understanding of ourselves. These epiphanies can help create frameworks for better decision-making, time allocation and identifying new opportunities for meaningful work or service.

5. Cultivate Empathy. A writing practice supported by a group dynamic provides a reciprocal experience of inspiration, motivation and accountability. By participating as a team member, we get a chance to learn and teach. We can lift people up when they need it, and they can return the favor.