Jordan dessert

Time is limited and we have only one life. We all know that. But once I really embraced that concept, I was looking for ways to experience and live my life rather than just exist.

One morning, when saying goodbye to my partner before jumping on our respective trains, I said ‘I love you’.  He said ‘I love you too’. And we both disappeared into our days.

The same evening, just before falling asleep, I told him ‘ Thank you. For another day’. And he gave me a surprise look, and smiled. I keep repeating this ritual ever since. 

These 5 words, and two habits, are a simple way of doing two things – telling people how you feel and being grateful. These two habits massively shifted my mindset. And they can shift your mindset as well. Let me show you how.

I love you.

Telling people what they mean to you and how they feel can be a big task. Trust me, I know. It’s about opening up, showing up and creating space for connection. But it also is an extremely life affirming action, which allows our relationships grow stronger and fuller. In my case, it also is a ritual which means- If something bad happens, I want these three words to be our last exchange. Not some silly argument about socks….. It really allowed me to focus on what truly matters in our relationship.

Thank you.

Telling people that you are grateful is another intimate moment, when we express how our shared experience enriched our life. It is a powerful moment when we really SEE others and acknowledge their role in our life. For me, the evening ‘thank you’ ritual is an empowering moment to focus my mind on appreciating the good that happens, every single day.

Creating a habit is not that easy, and simple steps can be a powerful and actionable way to change our lives. Words, surprisingly, have enormous power to impact our minds. Sometimes, all you need is few words to start your new story. I truly hope you will try.