Flip your mindset upside down.

I have a monthly speaking gig at Lee Hecht Harrison. I do a half day seminar on how to start your own successful consulting business. LHH attracts high quality clients so this has been a great way for me to make new connections. During my October session earlier this month, I was telling them about my system to Meet with Important People. It involves identifying target clients you don’t know and setting up meetings with them. Part of the method directs you to procure a warm introduction to the person by using your existing network and LinkedIn. One of my audience members raised his hand and said, “But I am used to being the one people ask. I am used to being in the position of power. How can I be the one to ask a favor now? It feels very uncomfortable.”

It struck me like a bolt of lightning that he has a mindset issue. And I realize that you probably have the same issue!

When you’re telling people about your services, you are not asking or imposing, you are giving.

Imagine if someone like you had come along just when you needed it most? You would have been delighted. If you have something that can help, you owe it to the world to get it out there.

Go big or go home!

I started wakeboarding a few years ago and in that sport, it’s all about going big. Jumping the wake as high as you can and then adding flips and spins. So, get out your life vest and get to work!

You are smart, experienced and you’re good at what you do. Companies need your help to be more successful. You owe it to them to get out there. Be deliberate. Be confident. You can have more impact on your clients as a consultant than you could as a full-time employee and you can make more money.

Fake it ‘til you make it.

I lean toward the introvert side, but I have always done a lot of performing arts. I started playing music as a young child and a music scholarship funded much of my undergraduate education. I started dancing in college and still take several dance classes a week. Did you know that a lot of performers are introverts? It seems counter-intuitive but it’s true. I used to take it personally when the best dancers didn’t talk to me before and after class. Eventually I realized they are quiet people and communicate their passion with movement not speech.

Early in my business career I thought of everything like a part in a play. I put on my costume (business suit) and make-up, gathered my props (laptop, briefcase) and cloaked myself in confidence I didn’t always feel. This approach continues to serve me very well as a consultant whether I am selling or stepping in on a new project to save the day for a client. Do your homework so you are prepared, spend some time role-playing so you project confidence and fake it ‘til you make it.

Flip your mindset and rock the world!

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Done is Better Than Perfect

Are you trying to be perfect? Does it get in your way?

Be an action taker. 80% is good enough. 90% of success is showing up.

Show up, take action and always remember DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!

Too Many Women Don’t Charge What They are Worth

In the early days of my business, I didn’t charge enough. I was afraid that I wouldn’t win the business if my price was too high. Once I finally start charging what I was worth, my clients never batted an eye. Just think of all that money I left on the table.

STOP right now and repeat after me:

I earned it.

I deserve it.

I am worth it.

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