Within recent years, the concept of Floatation Therapy has gone from strange and borderline supernatural, to more commonplace and wondrously beneficial. Downtown Jersey City finally found a place at om.life, a new luxury wellness spa specializing in floatation and other holistic wellness services. 

In a perfect world, floating would be irrelevant. Access to inner peace would be readily available, and life’s stresses and distractions could be paused any time they become a disturbance. Yet here we are, constantly pushing through issues and struggling to rise above them. As we allow ourselves to stack on problems, they become heavier and heavier. Floating is a way to learn how to transcend our issues, making us lighter and whole. It becomes a way to “do nothing,” and allow the mind to relax, entering a dream-like theta-brainwave state. We allow the body to recover, staying at rest and mineralizing with magnesium. We allow ourselves to reconnect with that tiny little place of calmness within us.  

Simply put, floating is an effortless act removing senses such as sight, sound, and even gravity. It takes place in a tank of concentrated Epsom salt (approximately 1000 lbs), with the solution being heated to external skin temperature, or about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the few experiences that is truly relaxing and beneficial on a holistic nature. While it appears deceptively easy (and can surely remain that way), the science goes deeper into the psyche of existence. 

The science of floating is far more than anecdotal. Dr. Justin Feinstein of The Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) conducted a study of 50 participants, all dealing with high levels of anxiety, stress, and/or depression. While the idea of being alone with their thoughts was likely cause for some trepidation, every single participant self-reported drastic improvements after an hour of floating on their first experience. Initial benefits such as calmness and muscle tension, among others, were reported for most. The study also found that those suffering from the greatest levels of anxiety were the ones who saw the biggest benefits. Not to be overlooked, the study found that floating was well received, with no serious complications or negative effects. For the short term, this is exciting news, as a potential relief that is effective as well as safe. Even more encouraging, long term studies are underway as the National Institute for Health greenlit funding for additional Floatation Therapy research in August 2018. 

Though recent, this isn’t a new concept. Nearly thirty years ago, Thomas Fine and J.W. Turner, Jr. came to the conclusion that consistent floating is a beneficial way to reduce cortisol and lower blood pressure. They monitored participants before and after, and saw substantial evidence that reduced environmental stimulation therapy, or REST, was a worthwhile investment in one’s health. It seems no mere coincidence that escaping the world, even briefly, leads to an invaluable reduction in stress. While the benefits get better and better with each use, even first time floaters can easily notice the results, among one increasingly important, better quality of sleep. Turns out, being relaxed may be more important than we admit. 

Beyond the apparent tranquility benefits, consistent floating has an unmistakable effect on shifting one’s mindset. The first time may feel strange, since it’s so rare that external stimulation is actually removed. The experience, however, quickly begins to feel like second nature. It’s meditative aspect allows the floater to smoothly enter a space where the mind and body stop trying, and the subconscious can provide deeper meaning. A sentiment often expressed, “Am I a different person? No. Am I more of myself than I’ve ever been, absolutely.”

om.life opened its doors late 2017. Its mission, “to inspire and transform the mental, physical and spiritual health of our community and planet” serves as the heart of its daily practice. Floatation therapy is at the center of this philosophy, with three unique tanks offering each guest the experience of escape, especially valuable being amongst one of the busiest cities in the world. They also offer various complementary modalities, such as an infrared sauna, whole body cryotherapy, NormaTec recovery, CBD oil massage, and shamanic energy healing. om.life was founded by Anand Sukhadia (Instagram: @Anand.life) with the goal to connect ancient healing with modern technology and build a community of like minded individuals dedicated to self development and positively raising the collective energy of the world. The belief is that the more people who float and look into bettering oneself, the better the world becomes. Adding to the core values, the business is committed to respecting the planet and strive to be on the forefront of global wellness trends that have a positive impact on people and the earth. They are a certified Green Business, and a thriving small business in the most diverse city in America that is increasingly learning the value of wellness. om.life sets the standard for holistic health modalities and every guest is treated like family throughout their visit. om.life Wellness Spa is located at 18 Park Avenue, Suite 2A in Jersey City, NJ right across the street from Liberty Harbor Marina. Located just a few short minutes from Manhattan, it is the ultimate sanctuary for those looking to relax, recover and reconnect with their truest selves. 

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*For more peer-reviewed research studies on Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), please visit https://clinicalfloatation.com/

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