Rebecca Ann Fabick Pictured By: Kiley Shai Photography

There’s a lot of talk these days about the feminine and masculine parts of ourselves, their roles and how to keep them balanced. In doing my work as an intuitive healer + soul expansion coach, I’ve come to learn that us women are meant to thrive while living more into our divine feminine. I believe we receive through this sacred connection, which is everything for us. When connecting with our divine feminine flow, we open up to our truth, light and power that lies within us.

When I moved to Milan, Italy to pursue a Masters in Fashion Management in 2016, I didn’t realize all the healing that was about to go down. During this time I awakened to this divine feminine flow within myself and let it tear down the shackles and chains that guarded my heart. This flow taught me how to expand from my heart, let more love in and be open to receiving massive support. This felt amazing. Which then lead me to quitting my job as a writer for an online Italian fashion magazine, awaken to my true purpose, start my blog The Blue Empath and begin coaching women. Through connecting with this vulnerable open heart part of myself I expanded into my next level of having it all. Having the business, fulfillment, happiness, healing, support, love, health, wealth, blog and influence + so much more.

Through this article I will take you through the 3 steps I’ve walked to connect with my divine feminine flow and unlocked the power within me to receive more love, manifest faster and create a life of having it all. So, let’s dive in and begin flowing.

1.     Discover Your Truth

To awaken to your soul truth, you first have to honor your body as sacred. As a society we’ve been trained to dislike our bodies unless it looked exactly like the “ideal body type”. We’ve been trained to reach for products or services to make us “more beautiful” instead of tuning into our bodies and recognizing the sacredness and perfection that already exists within. To fully step into this divine feminine flow, you must be able to let go of these “ideals” society has conditioned us to believe, which can be tricky because it’s a conditioning you may have subscribed to for a very long time.  

Journal: In what ways have I been dishonoring my body? What societal ideals have I subscribed to? What activities do I do that make me feel less than? Then, ask yourself: Am I ready to let these go in order to love myself?

Now, you open up to believe that your body is sacred and you are perfect the way you are. Decide to fully accept that you are pure divine magic right now as you are. You don’t need a product, service, relationship or anything to feel this spark inside. Don’t get me wrong…I know this step may seem hard, or maybe it’s super easy, whichever way keep going.

Truth bomb: fully accepting yourself right now is honoring the truth and light that lays within you. It means honoring the unique gifts, quirks and sacredness you were naturally born with.  

Once you start honoring your divine feminine energy that already flows through you, your body will begin to awaken to it and recognize the ebbs and flows of this frequency.

Action Steps

You may be asking, “So, what do I do now?” Well, this could look different for every woman, but I’ve listed some ways below. Taking care of your body with salt baths, massages, facials or anything that feels good to you. Giving yourself a hug, dancing to your favorite music or taking yourself out to dinner to celebrate YOU. Also, sitting in meditation, prayer, writing, journaling or any stillness, allows you to open up without judgement and not what society has conditioned you to think about yourself.  These are things that help us to discover our truth because it allows us time to get quiet and listen to the whispers. This is a step that has to be found inside, external forces will not dictate this.

2.     Own Your Light

So many of us these days don’t see or feel the bright light we bring into this word because we don’t slow down enough to feel it. I call this numbing, which is conditioning that has been ingrained within us for centuries, but it does no good. It keeps us in lack, scarcity and it’s outdated.

What does numbing look like?

Someone who is actively numbing has a calendar packed full of social engagements, work, family, friends and obligations. They’re running to keep up with this never ending train of work, life, family, money $$$ and success. They’re exhausted and wonder if they’ll ever be able to make it, be enough or worthy enough to have it all. Also, they continue numbing and keep going because it’s too scary to slow down, work through their scars and trauma to find the light within them because they aren’t so sure it’s there anymore. And I’m here to tell you HECK YES this light is still strongly in you, but it will take some healing work to remove the conditioning/beliefs that keep you small.

Truth bomb: The only reason you don’t have it all yet is because of your belief that you can’t have it or aren’t worthy/deserving of it. This all stems from your belief of how WORTHY you are.

Action Steps

I always tell my clients the first step is cutting out any engagements that leave you feeling drained. Begin cutting out the engagements, parties, people and nights out that you know aren’t resonating with your soul anymore. This is MAJOR because this is telling your body and intuition “okay I’m ready to begin listening”. This week I challenge you to cancel 2 things on your calendar that don’t feel good. Note: don’t expect for this to happen overnight, but these small right actions add up overtime.

Next, take 5-10 minutes a day just being in stillness whether that’s in meditation, quietness, or journaling in a space where you can let it all out. Allow your tears, frustrations and hurts to come out in this space. I started with guided meditations because that’s what helped calm my never ending mind chatter. When we cleanse and release these emotions it will create space in our body for something better, but we must allow ourselves to slow down and create this space. These practices help you to slow down enough to hear the whispers that are guiding your soul. You know them, the gut feelings of just knowing and feeling “this is right.”

3.      Step In to Your True Power

This is a step I’ve personally struggled with for most my life. It’s been this feeling of “Oh I want to shine brightly, but not too brightly so everyone still loves me.” It’s falling into people pleasing because you believe pleasing others is more important than standing strong in your truth and light. We do this because we’re scared of our true inner power and what it may allow or the loss of friendships it may bring. But, what I can tell you is that tapping into it is magical and that the right people will hold you up to stand tall. It brings this confidence into your body that help you to fully embody and share your message with conviction.

Journal: In what ways have I been holding back my truth and light? What ways have I been watering down my message?

Stepping into your power means owning the truth and light you know you’re here to share with the world. NOT people pleasing or trying to make everyone happy, but standing tall and saying this is what I have to share – take what you want and leave the rest. It looks like standing tall with your shoulders back with your heart wide open to receive and give love. Letting your emotions and vulnerability run freely through you. It looks like spending quiet time with yourself every morning and tuning into your heart.

Truth bomb: The power of the divine feminine lays within her presence, energy and how she shows up. As women this is what we have to cultivate to grow strong in our confidence and power.

Action Steps

  1. Create a morning practice of quietness and stillness. I would prefer if you could carve out 30 minutes/day for journaling and quiet in the morning – it’s life changing!
  2. Get connected to your WHY. Why are you here? What do you have to share with the world? What unique gift did you come to share? Write everything down that comes to mind and just keep going for days. This will help you connect with your uniqueness and gifts, then begin sharing with close friends and family. You will be lead and guided to what feels right for you.