Now, after more than a year of the Covid19 pandemic, we have learned various techniques to deal with it effectively and stay healthy. Yet, as the pandemic poses new threats by appearing in new forms while undergoing mutations, it does not help us overcome the fear and anxiety that causes mental stress. Indeed, we are much safer than before as death rates have reduced, but the chances of falling sick are still high and a matter of grave concern. You cannot take things lightly because the invisible enemy may strike if we lower the guard even ignorantly, says Paul Haarman. The concern for staying healthy is increasing our mental stress significantly, and to regain our wellness, we must learn some techniques of keeping stress under control.

As our lives have gone through major shifts while complying with the health advisories, uncertainty about when the pandemic will end and what the future holds in store for us makes us anxious and stressed.

Follow these tips that should help control stress and allow you to breathe easily to discover happiness in the new lifestyle.

Follow a routine, advises Paul Haarman

The biggest jolt of the pandemic is the truncated lifestyle thrown upon us as we can no longer enjoy the freedom of living life in our ways. However, we are now enjoying a new kind of freedom by spending more time at home. Many companies allow their employees to work from home, and it has kept people confined indoors throughout the day. Adjusting to the new lifestyle is never easy because suddenly, people find that they have too much time at their disposal but do not know how to utilize it meaningfully. It often results in a lack of purpose and motivation that sows the seeds of a sedentary lifestyle.

To avoid the problem, Paul Haarman suggests creating a new routine by scheduling various works to do during the day at different times so that you can follow a structure. It will ensure proper engagement and even keep you motivated while you can stay in control of things you are doing.

Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety are the body’s normal response during any crisis, and you must know how to keep these under control so that it does not affect your wellness and wellbeing. Includes some breaks in the routine you follow so that you can detach from the engagements briefly, both physically and mentally. Whether working or consuming information from various channels, take interim breaks, walk away from your seat, and look at your surroundings casually. You will feel much relaxed as your mind strays away from the tasks and focuses on something innocuous but interesting.

Exercise, rest, and sleep

Do some exercises daily, no matter how simple it might be, because it helps you stay active. Take some rest during the day to let your body and mind unwind so that you have a good sleep at night.

Have a balanced and nutritious diet so that body receives adequate fuel to maintain a high level of immunity that helps to combat the virus effectively.