Focus on the Core First

We are constantly bombarded with messages about the potential health benefits of different things. It is easy to become confused and to lose track of the things that are really important, This is especially true when we are continually being distracted and misled by the news media, commercial interests and even so-called “experts”. It is no wonder why most Americans are confused as to what to eat, what is healthy or unhealthy and how do I do something that will permanently fix the problems caused by the toxic Standard American Diet. I think a good way to think about what is really important is to visualize the core priorities which we need to focus on first before we get distracted by the distractions which should be at the periphery of our vision.

1. Real foods Plant based diet

2. Consistent / Constant Physical Activity

3. Quit Smoking and avoid exposure to environmental toxins

4. Sleep

5. Stress management

6. Meaningful social connections

These are the 6 core ingredients of health. When we optimize these 6 master levers ( in the above order) we can accomplish over 80% of whats needed to get us in the Health Zone, eliminating 80% of disease.

1. The Real Foods Plant Based Diet: The Closer to the Ground The Better–unprocessed colorful foods

Shopping Around the Edges of the Supermarket–no labels required! Eating foods that you would encounter in nature generally provide the healthiest nutritional value.

If you have to buy packaged foods, read ingredient labels not what is on the front of the packaging.

Drop Juices, Sodas and Artificial Sweetners and other chemical additives.

Water as the main fluid.

Stay Away From Dairy and  Alcohol.

2. Making physical activity inevitable

We are made to be in constant motion Make a commitment to 10,000 steps everyday – no excuses. You can walk or run in place, on a treadmill, in a mall or on the trails or just around. Just get it done.
Evidence in the research has demonstrated that walking 10000 steps every day has the greatest return for effort in improvement in overall health maintenance for exercise. It is the Sweet Spot for return on effort.
If you don’t Measure it… you Can’t Manage it,,and for this reason you should get a pedometer or preferably a technology enhanced tracker like a Fitbit, smart watch with an app for fitness to give you objective data on your progress.

The Steps Don’t have to be done at one time but make sure you get it done.

Resistence exercise VERY important

3. Quit Smoking period–enough said

4. Sleep

Our vital systems replenish, rejuvenate and reset themselves when we get deep restful sleep. The majority of us are getting less than our required amount of sleep, reeking havoc on our metabolism, appetite regulation, and immune system .

5. Stress Management

Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system with some form of meditation whether it is concentrative, expressive or mindfulness meditation can act as an antidote to the constant onslaught of damage from modern living. So can engaging in an activity that puts us in the flow state.

6. Meaningful Social Connections

Deep and meaningful connections with other people are vital to the maintenance of health. These are people we can discuss our inner-most thoughts with, without feeling ashamed or judged. The benefits go far beyond psychosocial and extend into physical and mental aspects of our health. Think “quality” above quantity here.

When we focus on the core first , we have already accomplished the majority of improvement in our health. After we focus on the core , we can look at a satellite or peripheral considerations potentially some additional benefit.


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