Ian Mausner

The much anticipated vaccine rollouts worldwide have done little to ease the trauma and stress of adjusting to the new lifestyle arising from Covid19. People continue to struggle to adapt to the new normal because of the prevailing uncertainties. The pandemic keeps coming back in various forms, and new restrictions imposed just when it seemed that situation was likely to ease soon, observes Ian Mausner. That even after a year, the Covid19 situation is still evolving, making things on the ground more difficult.

Still, there are so many unknown factors that nobody knows how to manage their lives to regain the lost rhythm and happiness, causing too much mental stress that is affecting our physical health and weakening the defenses against the virus. Staying isolated and disconnected is the biggest threat to our health and wellness.

Here are some ways suggested by Ian Mausnerthat can help to beat the pandemic blues and improve your wellness and wellbeing.

Don’t panic but understand Covid19

Dealing with too many variables and unknown factors makes us feel scared about the disease that does not have any comparisons, which might help us take some quick preventive action. Knowing more about Covid19 from authentic sources will help in better understanding, but the information will make you more confident to deal with the situations appropriately. It will reduce a lot of anxiety about the unknown. Gather information from reliable sources like the World Health Organization and CDC to be aware of the facts and develop suitable strategies for coping with the situations. Since too much information is flowing from all directions, most of which are confusing and misleading, limit your exposure to information to avoid mental stress.

Avoid information overload

Gathering information about Covid19 should not send you on an overdrive that can leave you confounded and cause more problems. Instead, take periodical breaks when accessing news and information to keep anxiety levels low. The more information your brain processes, the more stress develops, and at some point, it will affect your ability to make decisions that can be dangerous for you. Shield yourself from information bombardment by turning your attention to other worldly things, explains Ian Mausner. Engage with something that you find interesting. Find ways of helping others, and try to enjoy the creativity and humor coming out from this moment.

Focus on what you can control

Accept that you can control only a few things and focus on those while leaving out the rest. Use your power to take care of yourself and your loved ones even if you cannot do much good for many others around you. It will give you the satisfaction of using your power when others might be feeling powerless. It stimulates your mind and drives away depression and anxiety as your actions are making others feel comfortable.

 Take care of yourself and pay attention to your body that reflects your state of mind. Have a nutritious and balanced diet, exercise, and good sleep to start the next day on a positive note.