My second article shared how nine successful entrepreneurs take the time to recharge and refresh to make themselves burnout-proof.

This time, I’ll be serving-up strategies about how to focus and ditch distractions. In other words, how to finally put an end to the unproductive habit of multi-tasking. Doing more than one thing at one time reduces our productivity by 40% and also lowers our IQ. Multi-tasking gives us a false sense of productivity.

Here are some quick-fire tips from nine leading entrepreneurs about how to get focused to achieve more quality work.

Key takeaway – Discover your best working style and stick to it. Become passionate about your work and you’ll be less likely to allow distractions to creep in.

Key takeaway – Physically put your phone away if you need to, so you’re able to give your undivided attention during conversations and meetings.

Key takeaway – Have a clear strategy to deal with email, which is one of the biggest forms of distractions so that you can focus on your daily tasks.

Key takeaway – Choose a place to work with minimal distractions and remember your goals when tempted to lose focus.

Key takeaway – Monitor your cell phone use and commit to make changes if you aren’t happy with the results.

Key takeaway – Develop a system to prioritize your work, so you can concentrate on the most important and urgent tasks.

Key takeaway – Disciplined time-blocking is an effective way to cut out distractions in order to focus on one task at a time.

Key takeaway – Take control of your physical environment to make it more conducive for focused work.

Key takeaway – Make a decision to focus and stick to it. If you’re tempted to multi-task, take a short break instead. 

According to science, our brains can only focus on one thing at a time. So, if you’re on a mission to increase your productivity and performance, take a break from multi-tasking. Take inspiration from the tips above and implement at least one strategy to cut out distractions for more focused and quality work.

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  • Karan Johnson

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    Karan Johnson is a content and productivity consultant on a mission to save businesses money and readers the headache associated with bad writing. An ex-Lead Project Management Officer, who partnered with companies such as Microsoft and Virgin, she has experience in providing clear and simple writing for businesses of any size. Karan has a firm belief that a healthy and happy consultant translates to awesome work and satisfied clients. So, she spends her spare time helping other consultants and freelancers stay healthy.