Solstice’s generally bring all kinds of energetic challenges and blessings that are the reflection of biospheric changes and natures regulatory influences. These factors are way bigger than our own individual human bubble and they inevitably have a major impact on our energetic states. When we observe from this macro perspective, we seem insignificant. However, the epic solar shifts that occur on these nodal points throughout the year deserve respect.

Sun worshipping was once a way of life (and still is for some). The sun traverses our planet and aligns with the seasonal shifts at the equinox and solstice dates which coincide with the change of season. During these times, all manner of energetic influences on a planetary scale can be mapped as well as the shifts that occur on the human level. In the Intuitive Quantum Healing work I do, incredible shifts can take place in people when they essentially choose to step up or step forward and receive insights about their future path. These are both known and unknown, either way they can be truly amazing.

On a physical level, as Autumn approaches and emerges from Summer, I notice that everyone begins to get sick. There’s a Southern Hemisphere ‘clearing’ occurring to assist people with embracing the essence of Autumn which is based in shedding and refocusing inwards to begin the traditionally introspective way of being. This is the subtle energy of Autumn and we can choose to either go with its flow or go against the grain, the choice is ours.

The energy in Autumn is also contracting or retreating and this corresponds with whatever stage we are in on our own inner journey. The seasons tell us what we need to know to optimise our energy if we listen and respect ‘natures’ way. Just like the cycles of the sun, there are times to move forward, go inward, reflect and reconnect… Autumn is that time.

Similarly, in the Northern hemisphere, Spring is emerging and bringing new growth and beginnings to support energy expansion. Spring growth is emerging out of the restorative energy of the nourishing winter water element. These opposite and complimentary energies provide the necessary planetary balance and regulation that maintains harmony.

Choosing to be part of these monumental energetic shifts is an awareness that is often overlooked. The sun orbits our planet embracing her and essentially sustaining life. When we pause for a minute and embrace the sun the same way that it embraces us, we can begin to appreciate the scale and depth of warmth, love and abundance that we are able to receive through a simple acknowledgment of this ‘source’.

In lost civilisations, the embodiment of the divine source through the sun was a ‘religion’ where people followed the sun and worshiped its movements as part of the enlightenment journey. These days, we more often than not hide from the sun in fear of skin cancer. Making our own mutually beneficial arrangement with the sun (source) is a practice still carried out in many countries as Sun God’s are still worshipped in ways that represent an important part of sustaining a joyful and abundant life on earth.

These God’s also played a vital role in sustaining planetary resources and providing the energy of the ‘fire’ element to support life. Necessary transformational processes can not occur on the planet without the sun’s assistance. Nature maintains it’s balance with the setting and rising of the sun, as do we (whether you realise or not).

An energetic spike actually occurs at these pivotal times as great downloads of solar energy enter the biosphere to support transformation and Quantum leaps in consciousness. Many cultures understand the value of these events and celebrate them through rituals, ceremonies and worship. The yang energy of the sun and the yin energy of the earth are the ultimate dynamic duo of masculine and feminine energies. We reflect them in every way.

Essentially, the message is that inner balance is found in celebrating our natural resources and harmonising our energy with our natural environment. Most of our apparently ‘progressive’ modern cultures harmonise their energy with fast-paced city-life and striving for more of something outside of them. It doesn’t matter what work we do, what matters is the way we deeply respect ourselves and our inner-connection to then connect to our passion and true gifts that can be shared with others.

There has to be a REAL shift in consciousness of how we embrace our environment and that’s NOT in trying to save the earth, it’s in acknowledging and respecting her through respecting ourselves. We are pure reflections of her – all she asks of us is to respect and love ourselves first.

This awareness is something that is missed in our modern cultures as we tend to pay homage and give gratitude for all our belongings and daily events. Traditional wisdom and influence came from acknowledging natures elements and being grateful for the larger scale resources we often take for granted when walking through the supermarket aisles. It’s time to go deeper and wider than we’ve ever been before.

Finding time to appreciate the planetary influences and acknowledging these natural occurrences in any small way sends out a ‘high vibe’ that will ripple back out to the sun. Soak up the solstice energy and be both embraced and challenged by its power as it seeks to help us expand and contract our energy to support all our precious life experiences.


  • Gina Yallamas

    Urban Shaman and Transformational Life Coach

    ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ Lao Tsu Gina works as an Urban Shaman specialising in Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. This field of Energy Medicine is all about accessing heart-based frequencies to recalibrate imbalances and optimise energetic frequencies to support self-healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit. After completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she began navigating energy through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After discovering various other energetic gifts established through many spiritual courses, Reiki and Channelling, she intuitively connected with her own guides and Inner Coach to begin a whole new multi-dimensional education to reveal Quantum and Shamanic healing abilities. Her expertise as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach provides deep foundations for personal growth and development. Combining her gifts as an Intuitive Guided Healer, Shaman and Strategic Intervention Life Coach, she helps you navigate your inner terrain by holding a safe space in which acceptance and trust can thrive and allow you to connect back to your intuitive potential. Her passion and mission is to provide healing and coaching for other wellness practitioners and professionals so they can enjoy their journey, embrace their potential and expand into their own gifts through accessing their Inner Coach.