Positive self-talk is a popular form of ‘self help therapy’ that gives you a chance to get out of a negative state of mind and focus on the things that are working.  If you’ve ever been in a ‘funk’ for a period of time, it could be because of unhealthy thinking habits.

Carl Newton : unsplash.com


Negative thoughts often lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and an unhealthy state of mind..  Practicing positive affirmations regularly tells your subconscious mind that you have the power to do what you need to do and make improvements to your life where it is needed.

Positive affirmations can have a direct affect on your energy level and overall well-being.  When you focus on the positive, you give your mind and body a chance to feel energized, vibrant and focused.  This state of mind makes it easier for you to build on your strengths and skills, let go of resentments or anger, and continue on your journey with less stress.


If you’re ready to make some positive changes to your life, here are eight affirmations you can start practicing today:

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #1:  Happiness Affirmation

For more Happiness, state:  “I am happy today.  I am happy right now.  I choose to resonate with happiness now, and for the rest of the day.”

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #2:  Empowering Affirmation

To feel Empowered, state:  “I am strong, focused and resilient.  I give myself permission to enjoy success today. I give myself permission to be strong.”

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #3: Abundance Affirmation

To enjoy Abundance, state: “I allow abundance to flow through me.  I accept abundance today, tomorrow, and for my future.  I accept abundance, wealth and prosperity in all its forms.”

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #4:  Peace Affirmation

To enjoy Peace, state: “I accept peace, joy and serenity in my life.  I embrace a peaceful, relaxed and joyful state of mind.  I can let go and enjoy peacefulness today.”

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #5:  Love Affirmation

To feel Love, state: “I am worthy and loveable.  I attract love into my life at every opportunity.  Today I live with a strong sense of compassion and kindness to myself and others..”

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #6:  Relaxing Affirmation
Defuse the negative effects of stress by taking more exercise and practicing of relaxation techniques. To feel Relaxation, state: “I feel calm and relaxed.  I feel very peaceful and comfortable.  I am enjoying feelings of contentment.”

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #7:  Confidence Affirmation

To increase Self-Confidence, state: “I recognize and appreciate my talents and skills.  I am happy being the person I have become today.  I accept and love myself, just as I accept and love others.”

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION #8:  Calm Affirmation

To enjoy feelings of Calm and Control, state: “I am in charge of my life and my mind.  Today, I choose to be positive.  I am in a peaceful but strong state of mind.”

Affirmations can be especially powerful when you practice them regularly in the morning when you wake up, and at night when you go to bed.  In addition to rehearsing the affirmations out loud, you can write them out over and over on a blank sheet of paper.

Each person has their own technique for using affirmations, and you can only develop your skills with consistent practice.  Try any of these affirmations, or make your own to get started.