Intuition. That guiding voice inside. That voice and feeling that knows exactly what’s right (or wrong) for you. 

How often do you listen to it? Really trust yourself and follow your heart? 

If you’re like me, you probably have felt it throughout your life, but you’ve been stubborn and ignored it only later to find out you would have been better off listening to it. 

Why, oh why, must we torture ourselves like this?! 

Let’s get real. 

I’ve had some discussions with people lately who can’t help but give me unsolicited advice. They tell me what I should and should not be doing for my business, how I should be marketing it, how I should be spending my money, the list goes on. 

When people dump their own beliefs and their advice on you, it’s not usually about you. It’s all about them. It’s totally biased. And it feels gross. It brings up feelings of shame and smallness. Insecurity. Doubt. Validation. 

All of a sudden, you start second guessing yourself and wondering if you’ve got it all wrong. 

Maybe you even start doing what other people told you to do because they’ve gotten so under your skin and in your head that you aren’t sure if you trust yourself. 

But something still feels off.

You feel some kind of resistance and the rebel inside of you wants to metaphorically dowse that car in gasoline, flick that zippo at it, and walk away into the distance in slow motion, right?! 

That’s right. It feels off because you’re not listening to your intuition and you’re not following your heart. 

You and only you know what’s best for your business, your relationship, your soul, etc.

How will you know? 

It feels right. You feel good, happy and excited. You may feel a little scared and manic about it, but it’s overall so good.

Any time you feel really good, it’s the right path and the right thing to be doing. 

If it feels off, then something is up. Feel heat starting to pulse through your body? Heavy or tight feeling in your chest? Feel a rage bubbling up inside? It’s probably not the right thing for you. 

People are going to give you unsolicited advice no matter what, so it’s your job to tune into your mind, body and spirit to gauge if this is something that’s going to help & support you vs. hold you back and hurt you, 

The more that you lean on yourself and listen to your own intuition, the more you will learn to trust it and the more confident you will be, so that next time someone tries to dump all their own crap on you, you’ll be able to just let it go without a second thought.