The 3rd Law of ascension  

Walk with just your footprints but never alone…

How often do you seek the opinion or approval of others? 

How often do you go with the flow instead of expressing your truth?

How often do you hold back your ability to do different from what is expected?

I passionately believe that seeking the strength of the spirit within not only takes time out but time alone.  Silence, stillness, and solace produces miraculous insights that can create spontaneous change. In all my channelling the need to have a healthier relationship with the self is what will be a prominent priority for leadership. 

Your singular transformation is what transforms everything. I am sharing with you a few snippets from the channeling of the 3rd Law of Ascension… take a read and let me know your thoughts. 

In a world of quick fixes, you have forgotten the spirit of yourself. In your world of advancement, you have forgotten the spirit of yourself. In your world of success, you have forgotten the great spirit. For life to have meaning, to have purpose to make sense. free from confusion, crisis, and conflict they shall need to return to the self to truly to know and discover, to truly seek all that is purposeful.

It will mean moving away from the false inauthentic self that has been gathered over many years in momentum in false identify, in the dis-ease of your world. You will desire the most to come home to the authentic self and spirit and the essence of your life.  force, your breath, to truly know the elements and each season. 

To place your foot into the earth and leave a good mark in good that creates change for all. 

The delusion that has been self-created will be shattered and released. so, you can come home to the illumination. The enlightenment of spirit and soul to seek more of the truth of your incarnation, life purpose and mission upon the planet. It will be a journey of insight, innate knowing, intuition, information, guidance, knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, that at times will rock you, shape you and bring in an array of emotions from sorrow, despair, and grief to the intensity of joy and happiness.

Honour and respect will need to be felt. For the material manifestation cannot ignite a feeling. You will be given the feelings through life force itself, through your life experiences, through your ability to feel alive. In these times of deep emotion, you may walk with just your footprints, but you are never alone. For you are guided. Guided intensely and held intensely. It is in your ability to integrate this knowing, this way of spirit that brings ease of mind and body.

When you are here to service in a different way, a more connected, spirited, humanistic way. Waves of change will be presented to you. It is not an easy path at times, it will require you to be prepared to move into more self-awareness.  What you are experiencing in life will hold a deeper meaning and purpose for you. 

Retreat to seek the answers within you. Know that you are never alone, for there is a higher divine energy guiding you all the way.  

The need to be alone often accompanies a wave of eternal experiences if you look at diamond dynamics on this website you will understand the wave of change. A place where you are being will be called to be more congruent with your health and well-being.  The wave can bring an array of issues in health, in business, In wealth and in relationships. 

Leaders will have to support human potential as a form of productivity but first you must support your own human potential. The human potential to understand what is important.

Leaders will be required to promote a sense of belonging to integrated values, but first you must find your own sense of belonging to you to integrate your own values. 

Clearly Businesses, organisations and companies are evolving rapidly, and old structures will simply not fit. Current structures will crumble, and new structures will be built on the psychology of potential. 

An open doorway to potential for all not just a few.  Your entire property then lies in how you relate. 

Are you healthy enough, whole enough, confident enough, secure enough to gain a greater sense of self and spirit? 

Be alone and seek the wisdom within you for all that is needed will be divinely  presented to you.