We know. 2020 was hard. Sometimes really hard. There were seemingly new challenges at every turn, and most of these challenges influenced our attitudes about ourselves, others and our world. We became more intolerant of people who didn’t share our political or religious beliefs. We became more fearful of others and their ability to infect us and our loved ones with a killer virus. We accepted [often bad] behaviors of public officials and others who encouraged our fear, anxiety and hatred. We accepted smaller versions of ourselves and others.

2020 was not our best year.

To come out of the ashes of 2020 and create, live and love 2021, you have to get rid of your 2020 attitude. The situations and circumstances of 2020 influenced each of us, but simply having January 1, 2021 arrive will not automatically make things different or better. You need to shake off the muck of 2020 and make some internal changes to help 2021 be the year you want (and need) it to be.

Here is how to get rid of your 2020 attitude.

  1. List the 10 things you liked the least about 2020. This is your moment to vent, swear, scream or anything else you want. Yes, there were a lot of good things in 2020 (and I know we always encourage you to find the good), but for this moment, I want you to focus on what you really hated about 2020. Then focus on the emotions, actions or thoughts each of these things created in you. This is where the toxicity of 2020 resides. It’s not what happened that made 2020 so hard; it’s what you thought, felt or did because of each of those challenging events. Many of these emotions, feelings and actions became your habits in 2020 and you will need to ditch these or they will be the same habits in 2021. So, get clear about what you hated and how these showed up in you.
  2. List the 5 things that you will never, not ever bring into 2021. This is why you made the list of things you hated. You see all the things you didn’t like, especially your response to various events and challenges. Now look at that list and pick the top five that you will absolutely, positively, not ever will bring with you into 2021. It may be the way you ate, the amount of news you consumed, the lack of activity/exercise, the hatred of another for their beliefs, an uncontrollable anger when seeing people avoid wearing masks, whatever. Sometimes building something new and great means you need to be intentional about keeping some stuff out, too. Get clear about what you commit to not bringing to the new year, and share your list with someone who will hold you accountable.
  3. Reflect on the 5 things you will create in 2021 that will make it great. Now let’s shift from what you don’t want to what you do want. From your calmest, happiest and most joyful place, imagine what you want to happen in 2021. Think about your health, relationships, work, finances, connection to nature, sense of peace, tolerance and joy. Really feel what life will be like when (note: not if, but when) these happen. Experience them in your mind. Get clear. Get lots of details. These are what will help you see that 2021 is remarkable – not because it is better than 2020, but because it is remarkable on its own.

You don’t automatically change on January 1, 2021, able to ditch the tough and unpalatable things about 2020. 2021 can only be a great year when you understand who you became in 2020 and who you want to be in 2021. It happens from the inside out. Stop and notice you – who will you be in 2021?

Get Started
Get clear. Understand 2020. Know what you don’t want to bring forward. Imagine a remarkable 2021. Get excited about new and great things. Get energized to bring your best. Get clear about what you want to create. Now you have what you need to build a new and better 2021.

This will start with you – how you choose to see yourself and your world. Don’t let the negativity of 2020 show up in the person you bring to 2021. Make time to understand who you were, who you are and who you want to be. Now with greater clarity and with the energy of a more positive attitude, move 2021 to where you want and need it to be.