Tone Down Your Competitive Streak – In a relationship you are in a team and should learn how to handle problems and issues together, and not individually as competitors.

Patience is a Virtue – Since you’re the tarot equivalent of The Emperor, you’re known for lacking patience, but building relationships requires commitment. Consider giving your partner time to resolve issues that are troubling them and lend a hand if possible.


Focus on Trust – Treat your partner as their own person and try not to be possessive. By trusting your lover, you will stop this issue from becoming an obstacle in your relationship.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – In common with your tarot equivalent, The Hierophant, you like relationships that are stable and secure, but they can risk being a little bit boring at times. So get out of your comfort zone and try new and creative things. With that in mind, your relationship will blossom into the long-term commitment that you’re dreaming of.


Face the Issues – You are gifted at communication, so don’t avoid talking about relationship issues with your partner. By maintaining an honest and open discussion, conflicts will be resolved quickly.

Always Be There – Your tarot counterpart, The Lovers gives you the ability to be in two places at the same time. This means your presence is enough to reassure your partner. You might hesitate at first because it makes you feel vulnerable. Also, you tend to choose freedom at the cost of your present relationship. You shouldn’t do that. Instead, work on your relationship, learning and growing along the way.


Admit You Have Needs – Taking care of your partner is admirable. However, that can make the relationship one-sided if you neglect your own needs. It’s okay to admit to your partner that you have needs too. An understanding partner won’t hesitate to return the favour. It’s a give-and-take relationship.

Don’t Escape from Confrontation – You’re a sensitive person who’d rather brood than confront issues. However, in the tarot cards, you’re The Chariot. So if your partner says something hurtful, tell him/her about it. Once you had an honest conversation, you’ll be able to devote more time to having a loving relationship.


Let Others Take Charge –  Just like the tarot counterpart, you’re strong-willed, making it hard to let your partner take the lead. However, there are advantages to you handing over the reins, like getting some much-deserved rest and attention.

Stay Humble – As the centre of attraction, you don’t need to put much effort into attracting partners. However, you need to develop humility to attract a partner who likes the real you.


Tone Down the Criticism – Ironically, your quest to have the perfect relationship can mess things up. Consider following your tarot equivalent, The Hermit. Silence your inner critic and let things slide from time to time.

Break Your Routine – There’s an old Yiddish proverb, “We plan, and then the Universe laughs”. You can’t expect life to go according to your plans. So why not enjoy the moment with your partner? By breaking routines, you can connect tarot cards with your partner both in the physical and emotional sense.


Stop Trying to Please People – In the Tarot cards, you represent Justice which is why you want to keep the peace. However, don’t let that notion erase your identity in the relationship. Take care of yourself and remember the relationship is not your identity.

Make Decisions – Despite your eagerness to please, you have that innate desire to get things done your way. So don’t hesitate to make the decisions. Your partner may even applaud you for it.


Ease Up on Your Control – Your passion can sometimes border on obsession and jealous fits. Since your tarot equivalent is Death, you may wrongly conclude that all your relationship will always end. To avoid, such scenarios, treat your partner with respect and don’t curtail their freedom.

Open Up – You only open up to a person you completely trust. So, to make the relationship prosper, learn to trust your partner. Practice seeing things in a positive light.


Don’t Fear Commitment – Sagittarians value freedom, which makes them hesitant to say yes to relationships. However, to find true love, you need to make a commitment. You can get draw inspiration from your tarot counterpart, Temperance. Don’t see the relationship as loss of freedom but rather as a new horizon to explore. 

Love for Adventure – You can still have adventures even in a relationship. This is possible if you set up relationship goals. By doing so, you’ll see how your adventurous side opens new possibilities.


Learn to Relax – Working all the time can put a strain on your relationship.  You and your partner need to relax and have fun once in a while. This will bring you two closer together and strengthen your bonds.

You Can’t Control Everything – Don’t despair for being the tarot equivalent of The Devil. Instead, this card teaches you that there’s more to working hard, and that control is an illusion. Life is full of surprises no matter how hard you try to shape its outcome.  While opening up makes you feel vulnerable, it’s worth your partner’s care and attention.


Don’t Overthink – Overthinking can kill the romance. Instead, do what your heart is telling you without hesitation.

Start as Friends – Aquarians are intellectuals and are rational but have difficulty expressing their emotions. Fortunately, your tarot equivalent, The Star, can help focus your optimism and desire in building a relationship with your potential partner. This process can help build an emotional connection that can lead to a lasting relationship.


Stop Living in a Fantasy World – Since your tarot counterpart is The Moon, you have a fairytale notion of relationships. So remove the rose-coloured glasses and see your partner for what they really are.

Respect Partner’s Boundaries – You’re an emphatic lover but sometimes overstep your partner’s boundaries.  Give your current or potential partner some space so they won’t feel constricted in the relationship.


Astrological signs can influence our decision-making process. Meanwhile, the tarot can provide valuable insight in your search for love. Whatever your zodiac or tarot sign, you may find this advice helpful either for your relationship or in your search for a partner. Whether or not you decide to follow it is entirely in your hands.