I met a stranger yesterday while waiting in line, her eyes beamed friendliness. Her smile captured my heart. She was in her sixties, effortless in her being, elegant in that real core confidence, the one that you just feel and you know it is there, just perfectly authentic, yet another child of light. We talked about dogs, happiness, love, life… Carried away in our joy, we stalled our line. The lady behind us had to remind us to get going. As a paid my stuff and was about to leave, I came to her as she was still checking out and said, “Goodbye, I wish you joy!”. She reached for my hand, pressed it gently and said, “Joy would do! Same to you!”. I came out of that store and came home. Two days later, that lovely encounter did not wear off. It is sealed in time, somewhere in the drawer of my heart, archived under “cosmic”. The last one happened just weeks ago in the bookstore. I remember thinking to myself in nanoseconds as it was happening “I am hugging a stranger I just met in the midst of this buzz as my friend stares at us and she is not even surprised…” (Does this happen to you? It is absolutely fabulous!) Upon coming home, I thought of all past magical encounters. I thought of all beautiful strangers I stumbled upon. Dizzying is their number and so random were all the places where we would meet each other. They were reminders. They were teachers. Wisdom sharers. Humorous buddies in passing. Vulnerable beautiful souls. They were all presents. All of them left me with a distinct sense of love for this world. None of my strangers are ever forgotten.  And how could they be, when that which is invisible and free in this life – emotion, means so much?

When we are delights and highlights in someone’s day – how could we be ever forgotten? And if strangers stay stuck in our forever, how do non-strangers then count?

What if we were to forget who got us what for holidays and talk about emotions as presents?

Who gave you love and who gave you fear? 
Who sparked your soul?
Who gave you strength? And who gave you loyalty?
Who reached out, who asked to help? Who put a big smile on your face that one day, when you needed it the most?
Who was there and who was not there?

This year, I wish you just that – to seek answers. And have your soul dance with humans worthy of your presence, those in love with your being; the ones you just met or those who you know for some time, but all of them reciprocating your love. And I wish us all, as I always do, a lot of joy. And a lot of courage. Joy to conquer all our struggles in 2018 as they are child’s play. And courage to stay authentic, vulnerable, imperfect. 

As for strangers who make my day: 

Thank you for giving me
not things that can break
but the emotion that stays
Thank you for sharing with me
not drama that whithers
but the wisdom that lasts
Thank you for reporting
not about weather or news
but colors of your soul
Thank you for showing up
in here, our here,
for our moment to seal
and for me never to forget you.