As someone who spent years (maybe even decades!) setting fitness resolutions every New Year, only for them to fall by the wayside by February 1, I know how hard it is to find resolutions that actually stick. Every year I would take out my new planner and schedule out an intense five-day-a-week workout regime.  And boy was that regime balanced. I made sure to pencil in a bit of cardio, a bit of strength training, and a bit of yoga. And this time I was going to stick to it!

My goals were lofty and well-rounded. They were determined and full of hope. But guess what? They really weren’t goals

Why? Because I didn’t really like the activities I had planned.  And liking an activity is the most important ingredient to making it last. No matter how good it is for you, if you don’t enjoy a particular activity, it is VERY hard to stick to. Does that sound familiar?

What I finally realized is that I needed to find movement that felt good, that felt fun, and that did NOT feel like torture.  For me, I found dance and boxing. For someone else, it might be Pilates and Barre. Perhaps more quiet and zen activities are your jam. Maybe workouts that blast Post Malone throughout the hour keep you pumped.

Whatever it is, make it FUN.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be sustainable.  

And when you have a week when making a fitness class just isn’t in the cards, make your goals small and attainable.  Here are some tips that work for my clients:

  • Work at a desk all day? Set an alarm on your phone every two hours to get up and move around for 15 minutes.  Walk around the office, blast some music (use your headphones or your co-workers might get annoyed) and dance around your office! We find Pink songs super motivating. We’re digging Hustle right now.
  • Are you a stay-at-home mom with a little one? Turn on a FUN at-home workout (we recommend the PlyoJam Online Membership) while baby is sleeping and get moving! 
  • Set your alarm 10 minutes early each morning and take yourself through a gentle stretch routine.  If you aren’t sure where to start, head on over to YouTube and search for stretch videos to help you master some moves.  We like this one.
  • Stay hydrated! Make water consumption goals!  Grab a fun new water bottle or jug and make it your goal to fill and drink x amount of times throughout your day. We love this one from Target!
  • Park a little farther away from the mall or grocery store to get a few extra steps.
  • Skip the elevator, take the stairs!
  • Say YES to invitations for walks or new activities, you never know what will make you feel amazing!
  • Find a hobby that involved movement…you know you’ve always wanted to join a bowling team!

This year make your goals realistic, smaller, more attainable…and most of all don’t do it because you think you should.  Do it because it’s FUN!


  • Stacy Beaman

    Co-founder and COO


    Always having a passion for dancing and music, Stacey Beaman first joined PlyoJam on the dance floor as a student. She was looking for a form of exercise that wasn’t torturous, but still delivered results. PlyoJam was just that. PlyoJam became an integral part of her fitness journey and sparked a passion in her. After completing forty classes in eight weeks and losing an initial twenty-four pounds, Stacey left the country to travel abroad for five months. Upon her return to the states, Stacey picked up right where she left off with PlyoJam, not only on the dance floor, but also on the business side of the brand. She took to the PlyoJam Social Media platforms to start promoting the brand. Her role with PlyoJam has evolved into overseeing day-to-day operations of the brand from social media, to instructor recruiting and relations, event planning and more. Stacey has truly lived and breathed the PlyoJam concept and has an undying love and passion for the brand. Stacey also loves traveling, movies and whipping up a delicious meal for her friends and family.