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As an entrepreneur, how do you survive and thrive in your business and family life?

In this week’s Wonder Podcast episode I sat down with Meg & Gary Hirshberg and discuss just that.

Gary is the Founder of Stonyfield Farm — which started as a seven cow operation in 1983 to $400M sales and 13.3% of the yogurt market in 2020.

Meg is the author of For Better or For Work, A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families

As the wife of Gary, Meg knows all too well the ugly underbelly of entrepreneur life and how the struggles of the business leads to enormous stress in the family.

The family was on the brink of bankruptcy for almost a decade before it sold 40% of its shares to Danone in 2001.

One of the most poignant pieces of advice they gave?

“Really being present with whatever you’re doing.”

“I know that sounds like sort of a cliche, but it’s really true when you’re working, be at work, when you’re with your family or your kids or your home be there, you know, don’t be sort of sneaking peeks at your, iPhone – your bond girl.”

“The greatest gift we can give each other is the gift of unadulterated, unbroken attention, whether it’s to a spouse or to a child.”

Besides the perils, we also discuss the promises and great joys of raising kids in an entrepreneurial environment.

At the time of the recording their son Ethan (who was born at Stonyfield Farm) was on the brink of launching a startup.

Fast forward to 2020, it’s a successful business brand Ethans Functional Shots.

Virtually every entrepreneur will face almost every issue Gary & Meg have outlined in the podcast and book.

How do you grow and flourish in your business and family at the same time?

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