Serial entrepreneur Adam Quinn has just turned thirty years old and has already built multiple businesses from the ground up. In just the past eight years, Adam has built a very unique rolodex of relationships over the years through his social IQ and understanding how to create winning incentives/environments in every relationship and situation that he is in. Adam is known to be a wise business consultant to many start up companies and has worked his way to the top in many different vertical markets, with his company reaching the millions in revenue this past year.

At twenty-three years old, Adam started to dive into the entrepreneur life. He immediately knew this was the space he wanted to be in. In 2013, Adam started a software company with his brother Ryan Quinn called “Brightguest Technologies.” It was the first company to market the text messaging platform that would be used by restaurants to text the guests when the table was ready. He was in charge of the entire capital raise as well as all client relationships. 

Once Brightguest started to pick up, Adam decided to go back to his roots and started a volleyball club. He was born into the sport with his dad, Patrick Quinn, who was part of the National team in the late 1970s. After a few years of coaching, he quickly became known as one of the top volleyball coaches in the country. Adam was coaching the top high school athletes at the age of twenty-five and had a very successful volleyball business with hundreds of players. He led one of his boy’s teams to the junior Olympics where they won the gold medal in 2015. This same team placed in the top 5 at the junior Olympics all 5 years in a row under Adam’s tutelage. He then went on to sell this business to a company called Sports Academy, which is now called Mamba Academy and has been purchased by Kobe Bryant. 

After the sale of his company, Adam began to see the trend of social media taking over. He used his business mind and coaching mentality to start managing talent, partnering with brands, working with CEOS of some of the most well-known brands on marketing campaigns, and to start his own legacy on social media. After working with hundreds of influencers on marketing campaigns, Adam was hired by Youtube star, and one of the biggest celebrities on social media, Jake Paul. There, he was hired to manage his social media label called “Team 10”,  a social media incubator and management company co-founded by Jake that would recruit influencers and grow them into the next internet superstars. They would create viral content daily, working together growing a massive fanbase worldwide. 

Not everyone is able to understand how to monetize social media to its fullest potential, but Adam Quinn realized that there were so many different ways to make money through the internet. He learned to connect all the dots and in the past three years has been self employed, monetizing social by running marketing campaigns, running six and seven figure giveaways across the internet, negotiating and structuring deals for influencers/celebs, consulting for brands, and many other things behind the scenes. 

“I only use social media to make money. I had 1,000 followers 3 years ago when I first started diving into this space and I’ve never cared about working with brands or making money from brands. I want to grow my following for one reason and one reason only, to gain an audience acquisition of customers,” says the social media expert.

When Adam first started in the business, he saw so many people in the space that were using it in a negative way, encouraging and influencing people in a way that he knew wouldn’t benefit society. This is what inspired him, and he saw an opportunity to have a voice in this space while monetizing social media. He saw no barrier to keep him from getting into this space and climb right to the top. He took it as a chance for him to grow his following, have people see what his day-to-day is like, and inspire others every day. 

Adam was naturally good at this. He was a natural born leader and with his business background he understood exactly how to make money for himself and for others. 

“That’s what opened up doors quickly for me and I knew that if I could make people money in this space they would want me around. This is what opened up the opportunities for me to build some amazing relationships and start my own legacy,” he shares.  

For Adam, there is no competition. He is always working and planning ten steps ahead. Much of his success comes from working harder than everyone else around him, while always working to stay ahead of the curve

“My dad being a police officer taught me to always be careful of my surroundings. That’s something I’ve translated into the business world,” he says. 

Adam lives by a quote that says, “In darkest times you can choose to be a victim or fight for what you want”. Although he has hit rock bottom a few times, Adam has never given up on his dreams. He believes that he has the power to be what he wants to be and to succeed in everything he does. This has been his key to building million dollar businesses and building the legacy of his dreams.

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  • Sofia Vargas

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