Prospecting Burnout

A 2018 study found that up to 70% of the global workforce works remotely at least once a week, and 53% at least half of the week. These statistics bring out the need for more people to have high-income skills of which prospecting is key. It is impossible to make any income online if you don’t secure clients first. Although it is a common misconception that finding online clients is a tedious and difficult task, 99% of the people who work online say they want to continue doing so in the future, and 90% of these people would recommend the same kind of work to a friend. So, either these people are having a good time making money online, or there is something you don’t know about earning remotely.

With more businesses turning to remote workers now than ever, it is extremely important for job and client seekers to know how to secure high-paying gigs without stressing themselves over it.

Before he became a fully-fledged online marketer and success coach, Fabio Posca endured eight years of prospecting and building up a foundation to reach where he is today. Today he helps marketers achieve success in prospecting while without repeating the mistakes he did.

How Prospecting Burnout Happens

After spending half of your day prospecting and researching companies, the last thing you are hoping for is someone to ask that you hop on the phone and go on about a proposal. You’d rather do anything than make another cold pitch. So you start to dread Sunday nights as you are aware the next morning will see you get back to the routine. 

According to Posca, the reason why people are not successful in prospecting is thinking they are not capable and so give up too easily. But when does one know when to stop? 

Repeated prospecting while experiencing rejection from prospective clients increases the likelihood of compulsive behavior that leads to burnout. Imagine a situation where you are constantly looking for clients unsuccessfully, so you push yourself to the limit hoping that the next action will be the magical touch that delivers a client. 

However, Posca says, “once you accept the fact that everything that happens to us is the training necessary to achieve success, it becomes much easier to deal with rejection.” 

You Are the Solution to Burnout

Fabio Posca named his business after himself as he believes doing so is “one of the most powerful things in the field of online marketing and any other business.” When you are the business, you perceive any success as happening directly to you. Since we are incredibly self-loving creatures, we are always inclined to do good things for ourselves. In this case, your prospecting efforts will be more likely to succeed. So instead of approaching your prospects as a business, you present yourself as the brand, and once the prospective client is pleased with you, they will definitely agree to your terms. 

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Change It

If a strategy does not yield as expected, simply switch to another. Changing up the target, the strategy, and the execution takes the monotony out of continuous prospecting and cold calling. Also, the deeper you classify your audiences, the higher your conversions will be.

Focusing your energies and resources on a specific area helps your communication and expertise to drive those opportunities further and quicker than with general messages or broad strategies. These will also keep you fresh, focused, and committed to filling your funnel because you know there is an end to the race, 

Fail Today To Achieve Tomorrow

Although failure is almost always guaranteed in the course of pursuing success, not many people are equipped to handle it. Posca says the most common side effect of failure is giving up but it can go all the way to develop into depression.

“If there was a way to make people understand that failure is the way to achieve what they really want in life, then we would have more successful online entrepreneurs.”

Fabio Posca

In online business, working smart helps more than working hard does. Posca believes that the direct pursuit of money leads to frustration—and when you fail in this instance, it’s always more difficult to get up. If you, however, are motivated by the passion you have for a particular cause, you will always have the energy to get back up even 1,000 times over.