“A woman’s work is never done.” My how much of an understatement that is. The work of working women is endless. It never stops. And, during the break times, there are other women, who must continue the work. Just as the Earth is always in constant motion, so is feminine energy. In fact, the stop of feminine energy would mean the death of civilization all together. Women have to continue working. Its how we continue the human cycle. Even those women not in traditional 9am-5pm work shifts, are working. For in every spatial environment, there is the artistry of women, who are working. Channeling feminine energy throughout the different areas they inhabit. Its a miracle, isn’t it?

When we reflect upon International Women’s Day 2020, there is one pertinent question, which comes to mind. What does it mean to be a woman? Well, what seems like a generic question, is one that requires lots of depth and reflection. What does it mean to be a woman? If women could paint the world of womanhood, collectively, what would be the final masterpiece? There are many different layers, which comes with this. A multitude and infinite amount of designs, patterns, and colors, that come to mind. What it does address is the movement of woman, and her processes of movement, in being able to create life into the world. Channeling that life, as it positively impacts other women. Seeing each woman, regardless of her color, nationality, ethnicity, race, and what have you, as an integral part in this realm of movement. Intricate. Interconnected. Internal. I-cubed as it pertains to this international day of women. So, if this is supposedly the natural way of women’s movement, why is there so much dysfunction in the world? Is it possible that it is because women have become out of sync in their natural movement patterns. And, those who move in the silent ways of the natural, have misused feminine energy for the destruction and harm of other women?

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As I have read blogger comments on relationships, women’s connection to men, women’s connection to each other, and so forth, there is something that is clearly missing. A key element is how women see themselves as the competition of another. As opposed to viewing other women as living tools and protectors towards their goals, woman is marked as the enemy. There are quite a few who, without any logical rationale, view other women as “dangerous” or “one’s competition,” in order to justify the psychological and emotional violence performed against other women in social functions or the work place. Listening to conversations of “I don’t know her,” or “I’m not committed to her” demonstrates just how removed women are from each other. Clearly, women are out of alignment with their natural existence. The archaic tradition of being “my Sister’s keeper” has been thrown away, and tossed into the garbage can, for the masses of women. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Yet, when will those exceptions transform into the norm?

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When I look back on the successes I had, the achievements made, every step of the way, there was a woman. . .present. There was a woman, who made it possible. Even those who were not necessarily in the spacing, where the success took place. Unfortunately, there were also those feminine beings, who wanted to destroy whatever it was, that I had earned. They were irrelevant; especially, since they had betrayed the sanctity of womanhood-aligning themselves into a rigid system of female toxicity, which supported the very same arena of male dominance they secretly despised. Nevertheless, those women, who truly aligned with the feminine (in her natural untampered state), were always there to support me. There was a level of tenderness with their presence. A commitment to understanding and nurturing another flower added to womanhood’s bouquet. Teaching me valuable lessons and mentoring me in an arena, in which my presence was new. Or whether it were particular, social gatherings, and professional women giving me advice on the power of “your mother” always being there for me. Those feminine women truly exist.

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Holistic, feminine movement is one of each and every woman connecting themselves to the productivity of feminine energy. That any disruption in one feminine pattern, will also lead to others being impacted. Holistic, feminine movement is a natural alignment with feminine Beings, who cross our path. Granted, this becomes a little tricky, especially, when we get into the realm of toxic, feminine Beings, who have exploited and abused the role of femininity. Let’s just imagine that the majority of women, who cross our path, are of the beautiful, positive energy, kind. Those women who understand that we are in it, together. In my experiences of seeing them, I have felt love. Comfort. Protection. Guidance. Direction. I have experienced this in the different lands, on which I have traveled. I have lived this in my years in Cairo, Egypt. In fact, it was in Cairo, where I observed and began to realize this phenomenon of movement. Knowledge was passed through these interactions. Its presence was a reasurrance that I was on the right path, and that I was protected in certain spacing. Thus, you can imagine the discomfort I must have felt in seeing behaviors from those women, who wanted to hurt other women for male acceptance/attention, or for egotistical satisfactions.

With everything that is going on in the world, it is important for women to take those moments of reflection in observing the disconnection among each other. Now, of course, we can exert our frustrations towards patriarchy, sexism, and other injustices that we attribute in coming from men. Simultaneously, what I began to learn is that men treat women, based on how they see women treating women. In every incident when I was done wrong by a man, you better believe that there was a woman, who participated with him (or encouraged him)-for whatever crumbs she thought to gain from it. One of the hard core truths is that too many women secretly despise the art of womanhood. Viewing it as weak, poor, and powerless. When in actuality, it is the most powerful thing for the existence of humanity. Its the energy that circles the Earth and keeps her in line with other Universal life forms.

Every International Women’s Day (March 8), we come together to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of women. Yet, for this day, there is another approach, which can be taken. It is one which goes back to that original question: What does it mean to be a woman? Who is woman? Even more importantly, what is the responsibility to that word? That if there are privileges in being a woman (and counter to what a number of people may think, there are), what are the responsibilities aligning those privileges? What is our responsibility to other women concerning how we nourish (and nurture) and tend to the gardens of womanhood, in all of those forms? And, if we truly treasure, and honor, the sanctity of womanhood, how are we being our “Sister’s Keeper?”

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Let’s convey a cold-hard truth-and its a truth that many of us, may not want to address, or even admit. That doesn’t diminish or make light of certain social gains that women have made. Nevertheless, our behavior towards each other is up for criticism. It does not mean that those spaces of love, harmony, cohesion, and Sisterhood do not exist. What it does mean is that its time to address the nasty, toxic behavior, existent within women’s circles. Even within movements of women’s rights and progression. It can no longer be denied. Why? Because such behaviors are measures as to how far out of alignment we are to the natural rhythm, processes, and function of holistic wellness. . .in the movement of, woman!

What do these behaviors entail, may you ask? We can examine our unwillingness to share and create opportunities for each other, in the midst of seeing that such are limited. Bringing our ideas and talents together, in order to create more for us all. Much better than fighting each other over the small amount of resources, which are handed to us. Using our resources and knowledge to bless the spaces of other women, creating more wealth for us all. The deception among each other when it comes to male attention and companionship. The sabotage or disrespect for other women’s relationships to their male counterparts, in a romantic context. Then, having the audacity to state that “I’m not the one in a relationship,” in order to absolve oneself from any blame, for participating in deceit against another woman. Being intimidated, or envious, of a woman’s happiness, as opposed to seeing that as hints for what we could have in our own lives. Using men in order to hurt other women. Hoarding the rewards of femininity for a select few; while leaving other women malnourished and neglected. Taunting and teasing other women in having success in femininity. Gossiping. Exploiting and draining the energy of other women out of jealousy for their spiritual abundance. Lying about other women. Manipulating others in their perception of another woman. Sabotaging other women’s businesses or work. The list goes on and on. Rarely are these behaviors addressed when it comes to women’s empowerment. Of course, kudos to author, researcher, Rachel Simmons, and her works Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture Of Aggression In Girls, and Odd Girl Speaks Out. Ditto to Rosalind Wiseman’s Queen Bees and Wannabees.

For this year’s Women’s Herstory Month, wouldn’t it be phenomenal if an even greater emphasis was placed on women and our re-centering to each other? Re-connecting ourselves to those holistic attributes of womanhood and her natural rhythm for sustaining and nurturing other women. How she moves and intertwines herself with other women. Her responsibility to other feminine images and Beings. Using that energy to end wars and greed among men. Harnessing that vibe to teach men, and little boys, on the natural and healthier way of matriculating themselves through Earth’s surface. Because the truth of the matter, (and get ready to breathe heavily), if women were as connected to each other as we should be, there is no way possible that men could wage wars. There is no way possible that famine, poverty, and other societal ills could take place, if women were interconnected to each other. If women truly valued the positive attributes of feminine energy, and how the Earth works to balance that energy across her entire being, it would be impossible for humanity to be in the state that it is currently in. A hard look in how woman are out of balance, and out of sync, is truly required if drastic changes (and immediate ones) are to take place.

For this year’s International Day Of Women, women (in all of her myriad imagery) should take advantage of this day to access how we have gotten out of balance. How we got here, and what we can do in order to get back. Getting to the root of what is happening in our world. Very few of us have even thought about this. Unfortunately, it has not even been given as much attention in many of our mainstream women’s movements. Well, that time is ending. Clearly, new strategies are needed if a re-balance is to occur; while bringing a shift into our current social state.

As this sacred day continues to progress, and arrives to its finality, let’s remember that question. That important question, and others continuing to follow. Who are we as women? How do we move as women? What is our role as women? Once we have come to a general consensus on that, we can begin to operate and work in a way, which gives light to our natural, feminine powers. Only if the majority of us decide to do so. You will always have those weeds, who want to use femininity for destruction, exploitation, and everything, but, for holistic, well-being purposes. We’ll just have to weed that energy out. What is our purpose, women of the world? How does that feminine energy intertwine us all? And, lastly, how does it connect us to the future of humanity’s well-being?

Let’s sit and ponder, Ladies. Celebrating our presence in a different way. Let’s gather in silence, even if it is for. . .just one day!

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