When Karl Benz invented the first automobile in the 1880’s, his main goal was to find a more efficient way of reaching a place. Little did the automobile genius know that his innovation would go way beyond than being a typical mode of transportation. 

In this fast-paced world, owning a car seems like a must. For many, purchasing a car makes life easier. You can leave anytime you want and go anywhere you want (if you have enough gas of course). For others, collecting cars is a passion. There’s just something about cars that these people cannot brush off. And they’re right, because cars can improve one’s mental health. Take it from a reputable psychiatrist, Dr. Doug Blomeley, who, by experience, affirms that cars really do so. 

But what exactly do cars do to improve our mental health? Keep on reading and discover the ways cars can help you have a better state of mind.

Cars let you appreciate things. 

Let’s say you are frustrated about owning an old car. You just wanted to buy the latest model of your favorite car brand, but does not have the money to do so. Then imagine this. You go out for a walk at the park and see a homeless guy begging for food. He does not have a car, but you do. This makes you appreciate what you have, right? 

Being grateful for what we already have is a great way to boost our mental health. In fact, many studies showed that gratefulness and happiness are correlated. So the next time you want to be grateful, think about how you can go anywhere and anytime you want, just because you are fortunate enough to have a car. 

Cars can be a form of therapy.

They might not be as popular as seeing a shrink, but cars have therapeutic effects. In fact, driving can be an alternative to cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to change undesirable behaviors. In addition, navigating through a complex road can help people think more clearly and sleep well at night. 

Just like cars, we need to charge our emotional batteries, too. So the next time you feel stressed, try going out for a drive. Don’t go to places with heavy traffic though, as they might just stress you out more. Instead, opt for a long drive in the countryside or any place with no traffic. Better yet, go to the nearest natural habitat. 

We all need to escape from stressors once in a while. And thanks to cars, we can do just that. 

Cars connect you with other people. 

Another way cars help improve mental health is by connecting you to others. The community of car owners continues to grow, and there’s no denying that. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a casual fan, talking about shared interests, which in this case, are cars, is definitely enjoyable. Add to that the happiness you’ll feel when someone compliments your car because it feels like he or she is complimenting you, too. That just goes through you, doesn’t it? 

Additionally, meeting new people at car shows is highly possible. Not only do these events serve as a way for you to meet new friends, they help improve your communication skills as well. Socializing with others also help you alleviate stress, which improve your well-being in the long run. And who knows? You might just find the love of your life in a car show. You can have a car-themed wedding then.

Cars unleash your creativity. 

Now this might not be a common analogy, but cars are like fashion. Decorating your car is like expressing yourself through the clothes you wear. Cars let you be as creative as you want. You can have a sunroof installed, embellish the driving wheel, use a vanity license plate, or paint your car in any color. Now that sounds like something only an artist can do. 

Plus, setting up a car, especially a vintage one, is not as easy as it sounds. Making an old car look new and decent is no joke. The same thing goes with maintaining it. Doing these things might be hard, but they let you unleash your creativity and organizing skills.

Cars give you the thrill. 

Do you know what’s better than kissing and watching football? A sports car. A study done by Ford revealed that regularly driving a sports car caused higher buzz moments (peak thrills that plays a key role in our well-being) than kissing and watching football. The study attested that driving a nice car can contribute to overall well-being and be part of your everyday wellness routine. 

However, not everyone can afford a brand new sports car. They might be good for your mental health, but they can hurt your wallet. But take heart because there’s a solution to that. Getting a secondhand performance car can be just as good as getting a new one as long as you check the vehicle’s full record first. 

  1. Cars can give you a sense of purpose. 

If you are a car lover, chances are, you have been to a fundraiser involving cars. Many charities around the world organize car shows for the sake of raising funds for noble causes such as funding cancer treatments, conserving the environment, and advocating for human rights. Joining these fundraisers give you a sense of purpose by allowing you to be part of something that’s totally worth the time and effort. 

After all, there’s no better way to have a sense of purpose than helping those who need help the most. 

The bottomline

Cars have definitely come a long way. Not only do cars help you get from one point to another, they also give you benefits that you will always be thankful for. 

So go attend a car show, talk to other car enthusiasts, get a sports car, take control of the steering wheel, and start your journey towards a sound mind.