How many “New Year Resolutions” have you actually kept?

Instead of making this list of things that you probably won’t do, try a
different approach.
I tried this last year and got SO MUCH MORE OUT OF IT! And I can’t wait to do it again this year.

Why am I already talking about the new year? Take the time from now until
the end of the year to really check in with yourself and how you’re
feeling. It will get you thinking and you’ll be better prepared for changes
you want to make.

While looking at the different areas of life, rate each one on a scale of
1-10, 1 needing improvement and 10 being completely happy and satisfied.
Then, pick your top three areas that you rated the lowest and decide one
small goal you can do to improve each of those categories.

Physical Health
Mental or Emotional Health
Spirituality or Personal Growth
Friends and Social Life
Spouse or Intimate Relationship
Environment (house, car, desk)
Hobbies and Fun
Career or Purpose