All’s been said and done. The way has been paved. The karma been served. Where you are now is indicative of what you have completed in your purpose thus far, and now, we need to understand how to fully capitalize on these new awarenesses and ride the energy to your next frontier.

Here are some suggestions in doing so:

1) Pray pray and then pray some more. This is a time where deep reverence for what is upon us is needed. We have been gifted with a wonderful opportunity to ascend beyond what we had, to become that which we were purposed to be. Bring gratitude into your moments for this majestic opportunity that we are afforded.

2) Infuse intention for greatness, wholeness, peace, love and purpose into every single thing you do. And allow your actions to be inspired.

3) Write, unguided and unscripted. Allow the pen to tell you what needs to happen. What steps you need to take, and what strengths/opportunities you are in a position to optimize.

4) Receive, open you heart, soul and mind to receiving all the information, goods, services, money, abundance, love and peace it can contain. Recount the challenges you’ve overcome as testaments to the efforts and considerations you’ve exchanged for this abundance. You have earned your status and now you must embrace this deservabiliy, and attune to the vibration of receiving.

5) Let life happen to you. Connect to the highest powers that are available at any given time and ask for guidance. Organize and do the work you can do, with attention to details, and allow the unfoldment of your path to occur.

6) Believe in the majesty that is upon us. Expand into it. Allow it to clear any final vestiges of debris to fall away. Stand in the glory of our time, and become it.

7) Be still. Hasten your evolution by realizing the many clairvoyances you have been afforded, and meditate on their appearances. Intuitively, and faithfully, harken your ‘otherness’ into your current experience.

As the abundant love and guidance are upon us, resonate with it, with deep reverence and gratitude, so that you may be inspired towards the active and passive purposes of your existence. Tune in, and allow the upliftment of yourself, and others, on your journey to grandeur.