We all talk about forgiveness. We all preach about forgiveness. We all share our experiences about forgiveness.

I forgive him. I forgive her. I have no salty feelings. I have moved on. The madness goes on and on to infinity.
Do we really know what it means to forgive genuinely or is it just lip service?

Let’s get it straight; it’s not that simple as it sounds. Stuff happens—Hearts shatter. Friendships dissolve. Relationships turn sour.
But guess what, it happens to all of us. The unexpected bombshells and repercussions- no one has ever escaped and will neither in the future.

The truth is that forgiveness can be an indomitable task. I have been there myself. Okay, I get it, we are bleeding, and we blame the entire world for that. I understand that forgiveness is a very tedious process, snail-like, crawling in a lazy and listless mode. No shortcuts, no cutting lines- but have to go through the arduous healing task.

I spent hours listening to podcasts, attending webinars, reading books and blogs but all in vain. Nothing worked- all ineffective. I felt I was stuck in a mud-hole, flapping my wings around in different directions to find the escape route. Have you ever felt that way?

I just could not let go, simply could not- such was the theatrical melodrama in my internal system.

Well, the good news- when I heard the quote that HURT PEOPLE HURT. It made so much sense to me; instead of brooding over the what and why I visualized the scenario, which meant going back into the past.

Was it fun? No!

I froze. I thawed. I melted.

I attempted to recognize the other person’s perspective, what transpired the situation to arise in the first place. I wanted to liberate myself from the commotion in my brain. There was brain fog, and I had to clear that no matter what. Releasing the pressure, the trigger points was crucial. The magic word was BREATHE! Let it go, let it go! I had to infuse a ton full of love and compassion within each cell of my body, which had taken a back seat over a period of time.

I struggled. I choked. I stumbled. My energy deflected.
It was a strain on my thoughts. The path I was trying to walk on was inundated with mud and rubble.

The trip to self-acceptance and forgiving myself was a long and tiring one but so worth it. I know I cannot turn back time, but the pain has dissipated.

I will confess I was not ready but unwillingly chose to give myself the space to heal. I had to balm my wounds to take a step forward.

Did it work? Yes- by all means.

Realization- I am not a superwoman nor a monk. I am only a human with flaws who has made mistakes and will continue to do so; however, the trick is not to make the same ones again.

It doesn’t matter what the other person wants to do, in the end, it’s their call.

I embraced my dark spots. My chakras are open. My lungs are inflated. I am breathing with my full capacity.
I let it go- and let my spirit come alive.

In closing: Bless yourself before you seek blessings.

Forgive NOW!



Love, peace & blessings