Forgiveness is a powerful and liberating state to find yourself in. It sets you free from past pain which you carry in the present and unlocks a much brighter future for you. But what can do you when forgiveness just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do?

We often feel (quite rightly) that we are entitled to our hurt and pain that was caused in the past.

I’ll be honest, it’s something I’ve struggled with over the years and even though I’ve seen massive results from simply forgiving, there’s still a lot for me to work on.

Women carry hurt and disappointment very painfully and use it like a glorious shield to protect us from more of the same but the truth is, being armoured up like this creates an extreme of masculine energy. When your energy is out of balance for any length of time, you’ll end up feeling very misaligned.

Forgiveness is the path back to balance and when you have your masculine and feminine energies in balance, you can achieve anything!

So how can you forgive without leaving yourself unprotected and feeling like it isn’t deserved?

You may have heard that forgiveness is for YOU not for the other person but this can still feel very hard, but you deserve to be free from what you are holding on to.

If you find the concept of forgiveness challenging, try this….

Imagine what you are carrying around is like a big and very heavy back pack. It weighs you down, tires you out and even hurts you. Over time it can cause long term discomfort.

Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels

If you slip that back pack off and put it down, it’s still there, but it’s not causing you pain or discomfort anymore.

The people who have hurt us often don’t know (or care) that we carry around that back pack of resentment, anger or fear. Chances are they’ve moved on from thinking about it. This means they never even know you’ve taken that back pack off! And you don’t need to tell them, remember, this is for you.

You can breath more easily, your pain has eased, life feels lighter and brighter. You deserve that.

Forgiveness changes everything in your life. It gives you the mind and heart space to start to dream again. It affects your business, relationship, health and even your income levels.

It creates a shift in your energy which allows you to move forward.

Sometimes those back packs are hard to get off our backs, sometimes, we pick them up again, but even trying to put it down will make a difference.

The back pack approach can also be used to help forgive yourself and this is so important for your self-worth.

Get back into balance, put the back pack down and breath again.