Forgiveness-asking for forgiveness

Marriage is a union of two individuals who have different backgrounds. All marriages have their ups and downs. As humans, we will always make mistakes since no one is perfect. Thus, forgiveness in marriage should always be a priority for a healthy marriage. One should be able to compromise where it’s necessary.

Have you ever wondered what to do when your partner does something wrong? Do you forgive them? Do you hold on to the mistake? Do you use your partner’s mistakes against them? Are you able to look past their mistakes and move on? Does the extent of the mistake matter? Do you keep count of the number of errors committed? Are they remorseful or are pretending as if nothing happened?


Forgiveness is letting go of any negative feelings and choosing peace. Forgiveness in marriage is something you decide to do, for it is not a feeling. Either one apologizes or not, and it is better to forgive them for your state of mind. Holding on to past disappointments may lead to bitterness and even health disorders. So, it’s better to choose to forgive than to harbor the hurt and anger.

There are different levels of mistakes. From petty issues such as forgetting to buy something, they sent you to greater ones such as betrayal. It is easier to forgive and forget the trivial problems, unlike the big mistakes. You should always apologize for your mistakes, no matter how petty they are. The higher the error, the higher the effort you put into the apology. Forgiving your partner may also set a good example for your children on how to forgive. 

Ways to ask for forgiveness in marriage

There are many ways to get your partner to forgive you and trust you again. Remember that you are in the wrong and deal with the issue at the moment.

Here are some pointers you may apply:

Make a genuine apology

Do not make an apology for the sake of apologizing. The apology should be very genuine straight from the heart. It may be verbal, or you may use actions to show how sorry you are.

You may go out of your way and even prepare a surprise for your partner or do something they like. Also, show how remorseful you are.

Be open-minded

You should be able to understand that forgiveness in marriage may sometimes be hard. Be aware that things might change between you and your partner.

Thus, you should be willing to make amends and commit not to hurt your partner again. Additionally, every action has its consequences, and you should be able to accept them.

Patience is key

Remember to be patient throughout the whole process. Your partner may take longer to forgive you. But you should not give up unless they make it clear that they can’t. Knowing your partner’s personality may be helpful to understand their reactions. Also, you may use them to know the right way to apologize.

How to accept forgiveness in a marriage

Forgiveness in marriage does not mean that you are overlooking the hurtful behavior. It means that you are ready to control your emotions and not play the role of the victim. You may use some methods to enable you to forgive your partner. Choose the one that works for you.

Be open to forgive

As long as your partner is regretting their actions, then you should be willing to forgive them. You should not close off your heart instead of choosing to forgive. Also, having a place or something to do to calm you down as a distraction may be helpful.

Do not seek revenge

Seeking revenge does not solve anything; in fact, it makes things more complicated. Making your partner feel the same pain you felt when they hurt you is not the best solution. Also, restrain from using the mistake against them. You should not use the error to win an argument in the future.

Seek professional help

If it’s hard for you to forgive your partner, you may both go for counseling. Talking to a professional counselor may be helpful with forgiveness in marriage. You will talk about your feelings and how to move past them.

Bottom line

Forgiveness is marriage is one of the critical factors for a successful and healthy marriage. If we are unwilling to forgive our partners when they wrong us, then there would not be any marriages. Also, you should forgive yourself, and this will set you free.

Although forgiveness should be a priority, it doesn’t mean that you keep making mistakes. There is so much that a person may take. So do not take advantage. Also, keep in mind that sometimes the damage is already done, and there is no going back. Accept the new situation and try to move on with your life.