Learning the power of forgiveness, was the key that unlocked me from a world of hate, that was beginning to overtake my life, when my marriage suddenly imploded. My hate was directed at my ex-husband, yet it didn’t hurt him, or penetrate his world. No, my hate was eating me alive, penetrating every cell of my body, affecting my life. I had reached the point where I understood it was beginning to make me sick, and as my ex had moved on with the partner he was with during our marriage, my hate was not altering his life in any way, only mine and detrimentally.

I found the life-changing books of ‘Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela’ & ‘The book of FORGIVING by Desmond & Mpho Tutu’ which changed my life. These book have also changed many of my clients, when they have read the soothing pages, during times of utter pain and despair. Learning the power of forgiveness has unshackled them as it did with me from a world of pain.

Reading how Desmond Tutu & Nelson Mandela, two men who have endured more than 1000’s of men together could not withstand. Yet, when Mandela was released from 27 years on Robben Island, he had a choice – Revenge versus Forgiveness. We all know which path he chose, and the path of forgiveness and reconciliation was the pathway towards true enlightenment and forgiveness. South Africa could have been a complete blood-bath, already torn apart by apartheid, instead Mandela chose forgiveness and reconciliation for his beloved country.

One important point, is to understand forgiveness does not mean we forget – ever. The pathway from hate to forgiveness begins with Gratitude. If we can reflect and be thankful for what lessons our relationship gave us, regardless that it is in our past and has not been successful, when we look clearly at the lessons and thank God for these hard-earned lessons, we can then begin our pathway to true Forgiveness.

Forgiveness will free us from a source of pain which is not benefiting our needs in any way.

Forgiveness is the key that my clients learn, is the pathway to their emotional freedom. The peace that forgiveness fills us with, is a feeling of complete serenity.

If you are struggling with your anger, your hate on some injustice in your world, please find this book and read it now. It’s one of the most beautiful game-changing books, that set my life free.


Megan Holgate