Happy 2020, what a whirlwind we all have been in together as a whole during this pandemic. I feel now more than ever we need to forgive. Forgive ourselves, our relationships, our societies, our circumstances, technology, our egos, and our projections onto others.

I am an artist and during some moments of deep reflection, I put together some of the beats I made in the musical program Ableton. Singer-Songwriter-Producer of The Sophisticated Psychos, Nicky Scorpio had a vision and teamed me up with Subtle Energy Subtle Energy is the term used for various energetic phenomena not formally recognized as one of the four known forces of physics. “Qi,” “prana” and “kundalini” are terms that represent forms of subtle energy that are typically undetectable using conventional scientific instruments.  Guide to the Solfeggio Frequencies

639 Hz – fosters forgiveness, peace, and love for yourself and in the relationships with others as well as stimulates the higher heart chakra. 639 Hz re-connects and rebalances your relationships.

Have a listen to Hypnotic Energy EP here – on The Sophisticated Psychos

Forgiveness is Key by Kyriaki Chonacas of The Sophisticated Psychos
Beats made my Kyriaki Chonacas of The Sophisticate Psychos

Although the emerging field of subtle energy research indicates that there are numerous varieties of subtle energy, each with unique associated qualities and effects, there is evidence that, in general, subtle energy is intimately related to consciousness. In fact, MIT-trained physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, in his wonderful book LIFE FORCE, The Scientific Basis, refers to the field of subtle energy research as “the natural bridge between the old physics and the new science of consciousness.”

639 Hz Attract Love & Harmony | Heart Healing Meditation Music | Cleanse Fear & All Negative Energy by Kyriaki Chonacas of The Sophisticated Psychos

These are amazing fun beats you can listen to while working out, playing in the background while creatively working on your laptop, during mediation to name a few. I hope this music inspires you and brings joy to your heart.

Here are couples of articles I found on forgiveness and why forgiveness is so important for us.

Eight Keys to Forgiveness

Forgiving Is Hard, but Not Forgiving Hurts More

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