The year of 2020 has proven to be the year of death destruction and devastation for so many. Businesses abruptly shut down, the economy has gone into irreversible devastation and many families faced destruction from the virus that took the world by storm. Many communities rallied together and thought of meaningful ways to help others. Take out food became comforting and meaningful as families tried to help restaurants stay in business.

Long Island was hit hard; the city crowds that flocked to their vacation homes brought in thousands of covid cases a day. Long Island is home to many great celebrities who put forth efforts to help local businesses and people not go hungry. With so many celebrities who call Long Island home, a former television star, restaurant owner, and Chef. Joseph Ganniscoli from the hit show Sopranos resides in East Rockaway, New York and went the extra mile.

 “I am very grateful for the donors who took the time and worked with me. I put everything in my car and drove it place to place, I am grateful to the donors that donated”.

Before covid hit hard Joseph smoked cigars down by a marina area in his hometown, golfed and spent time with his beautiful wife and daughter. He also had a thriving business where he would cook for private parties and make anywhere from $2500-$5000 a night cooking and entertaining.  Unfortunately, that stopped temporarily. With someone so passionate about food and fun and having a true love for people; Mr. Ganniscoli decided to make it his mission to help small businesses and feed the front line workers who deserved it the most. With family working at two major hospitals in New York and an aunt who was 104 during the mist of the covid; Joseph felt it was his responsibility to help his community.


  • Nazia Aibani

    CEO & Founder Gourmet Ghee Company & Gheelicious, LLC

    Born in Bombay, India, I always grew up with natural homemade ingredients that were passed down the generations. It was all too common to see the vibrant colors of saffron and turmeric or smell the buttery goodness of ghee. My mother never failed to carry those essential ingredients with us when we moved to New York in 1984. At the ripe young age of 4, I already knew ghee was my favorite thing to have. Little did I know years later I would be a pioneer in bringing this legendary ingredient to the masses. After spending years in television production and casting as a producer, I made the jump to entrepreneur in the summer of 2017. I took my passion, my experience (plus all my savings) to bring a wholesome ingredient and revitalize an ancient superfood for todays palate. The result: Gourmet Ghee Company. After being in business for six months I’ve been lucky to get recognition from the Dr. Oz show, Esquire magazine and a few celebrity chefs. People ask me why I chose ghee butter and my answer is always the same, “The women of ancient India had amazing foresight to know the dietary, health and beauty benefits of ghee. As a Indian woman I feel its my responsibility to represent and share that knowledge while making it a useful staple in peoples everyday life."