Strength in numbers

I am writing this on Pancake day, which is the day that here, in Andulusia the people are celebrating their 37th year of independence from the rest of Spain.

Living here in Granada is making me think about what it means to be truly free.

Andulusia has a long history when it comes to fighting for their freedom. From the fight to reclaim their fortune and faith from the Moors, to the repression of their personal rights during the days of Franco the dictator.

And boy there is still echoes of it all, throughout the land….

Fabulous echoes of The Ancient Alhambra that stand so mighty overseeing the lands as far as Malaga, to the Magical Moroccan Mazelike Mini Marrakech of the Alabycin (ancient heart of Granada) all of which make this land so incredibly fascinating.

Then there’s the not so great echoes of Franco’s days, meaning you have to have an id number to complete any task, and carry your passport wherever you go.

Then there’s an employment crisis so bad that hunger is a real daily threat, and the astonishingly high taxes for being self employed (whatever the turnover) making it almost impossible for anyone to assert their personal freedom.

Some parts almost seem like a third world country. The cave house dwellers of Sacromente have no rights to assistance if there is a crisis (like an earthquake), or civilisation (sewerage, running water, rubbish disposal, electric) still you wouldn’t know. Take a wonderful walk through the district and youll be met with clean rolling green hills and a wonderfully relaxed welcoming vibe.

What do I see less of?

Less crime, less drugs, less drunks, less homeless, less tired faces.

What do I see more of?

More fun, more families, more friends, more time to enjoy life.

Somehow it seems the Spainish have this sussed…

I wonder if it is anything to do with this phrase being written all over the Alhambra, like an endless chant…

It says “Only God is Victorious”.

Did the Moors know their fate I wonder?

Still they built a monument with all their heart and soul — and out of materials that weren’t meant to last.

The very centre of this 8 pointed star (made from the pliable Gypsum) has morphed through earthquakes but still the bigger picture remains intact.

And this ceiling below is made from infinite 8 pointed star on top of infinite 8 pointed star, representing
the seven planes of heaven, and also stands completely intact through centuries of earthquakes despite no nails or glue being used, each piece slots perfectly into place with the others.

There is strength in numbers and the sacred geometry of The Alhambra creates an astonishing Strength that cannot be destroyed.

Much like…

Strength in the Tarot (not by accident and completely also by design) is also number eight. 
Eight stands for infinite strength. The symbol that looks like an eight above her head is the symbol of infinity, whatever she has to go through, whatever it looks like she has to face or conquer, the truth of the matter in the bigger picture is that there is an essence that lives on, always, this is the secret of her grace, her peace. In that knowledge she is free.

My musings on freedom have been running deep through my ancestral bones ever since I landed.

What a land!

Don’t take my word for it.

Experience it for yourself.

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Believe me, it’s not.

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