“The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”- Albert Einstein

Before we try to learn new things, an excellent question to ask is this: “Is my current emotional aligned with the result I want to create?”

That is the foundation for everything we want to learn and do. Why? Because if we are afraid and don’t believe we can do it- we won’t be able to create good results, make the right decisions, or win in our everyday lives.

If you can first master that one skill, it will be a life-changer and will help you accomplish anything you want to pursue for the rest of your life. Learn to condition yourself to be in a peak state of mind. Then you will have control over your thoughts, and that will be the fastest way to create the life of your dreams.

The Following formulas I learned from Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins.

Formula 1: Momentum

It consists of four stages: 1- Potential. 2- Action. 3- Results. 4- Certainty or belief.

Human beings have incredible potential, and they can do things that seem impossible! See Guinness World Records, where you will find human talent and skill to its maximum.

Some examples:

The oldest professional club DJ is 83 years- Carlton Williams does 2,220 pushups in one hour- A Japanese Chef made a noodle that was 183 meters long- Cesar Cielo swims 50 yards in 18.47 seconds.

Just to name a few.

But for average human beings, there is a question: Do the results in your personal lives reflect your true potential? The answer is, probably not. We are capable of doing a lot, but what we usually do can be disappointing- why?

One of the most common reasons is fear: Fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of the opinions of others. Other causes are: negative self-talk, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, limiting beliefs, procrastination- and the list goes on… So what do you do?

Start by creating a sense of certainty in your life. You need to train yourself to believe in your abilities and your potential. Your mindset is crucial- because if you are in a high and positive mental state, you will have more certainty and more faith in your abilities.

You tap into your potential and take powerful actions towards your goals. It creates positive results that reinforce the belief in yourself and your capabilities- which strengthens your certainty, resolve, and self-confidence.

Then you do it again- you take new and more potent action, get still better results, your self-confidence grows, and the process repeats: this is how you create momentum.

Momentum is like a train, a big and powerful vehicle. If it is standing still, it doesn’t help anyone. But when it starts going, slowly but surely, as it rolls and starts to gain speed and strength, it becomes an unstoppable force.

We are the same- and to build that momentum, we need to start step by step, breaking the little obstacles on the way, till we reach that state when we become a force of nature.

But the opposite is also exact:

If you lack self-confidence, you are not going to reach your potential- your actions will be weak and will produce poor results. When that happens, your confidence falls even lower- you stop believing in yourself and go back to making excuses, blaming others, and recalling your self-limiting beliefs.

There is a saying:
“Nothing succeeds like success, and nothing fails like failure.”

Formula 2: Your Inner self

It is who you are on the inside and is made of 3 components: 1- Self-talk. 2- Self Image. 3- Performance and Behaviour.

We all talk to ourselves- The question is: What kind of conversations are you having? What thoughts go through your mind when you’re alone with yourself? Whatever you say reinforces your positive or negative outlook on life.

Your self-talk influences your self-image, which determines your performance and behavior. If it is positive, you will reflect confidence and will behave accordingly.

And the opposite is also exact. If your self-talk is negative, your self-image will be marred by low self-esteem- which will cause you to behave poorly- and in turn, it will reinforce your negative talk and limiting beliefs.

It works in all situations, positive or negative, depending on the internal conversations you are having. It is essential as it guides what you are focusing on.

In both formulas, the key is to be conscious of the words we use to optimize the results we want to gain. We need to make a conscious effort to stay in a higher vibration and focus on what is right: the opportunities, the good we have already accomplished, our strong points- and to be grateful for all that is right in our lives.

The take away:

Commit yourself to use both formulas to improve your experiences in life!

How do you do it? Assess your commitment: What do you need to do to follow through? What bad habits do you need to let go of and what is your daily plan of action. You need to understand that there will be resistance! Your old self will fight!

Think about how your life will change when you live up to your commitments. Think of the success, happiness, energy, and all the good that will come out of it- as well as the new disciplines you will create to build the life of your dreams.

And think also: what will happen if you do not follow through- the failure and disappointment for you, your loved ones, and those who depend on you?

When you are clear on the consequences of not following through, then it becomes a must! Create the certainty that no matter what happens, you will do it- that is how you create momentum and how you become an unstoppable force of nature in this world, that is in such need of leaders.

We need the courage to move forward, and after we act, confidence in our abilities will follow.

Vitin Landivar

Originally published at www.habitsofsuccess.org